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Lunch in the city - Thurs 12th May

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Kayleigh Wed 20-Apr-05 10:28:28

Thursday was popular last time so let's go for that again.

The next city lunch will be at Pizza Pomodoro - very close to Liverpool St Station, 5 minutes walk from Moorgate.
Date - Thursday 12th May at 12:30.

Anybody welcome, just post here to confirm.

Kayleigh Thu 21-Apr-05 10:48:39

table for 1 then ......

dinosaur Thu 21-Apr-05 10:55:10

Make that two Kayleigh

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 10:56:16


Kayleigh Thu 21-Apr-05 10:59:16

oooh this is a good system, it'll save me counting up how many to book the table for

HandbagAddiction Thu 21-Apr-05 10:59:43

Four - can't possibly have you sitting on your own Kayleigh...

frogs Thu 21-Apr-05 11:00:55


Sponge Thu 21-Apr-05 11:01:34

I'll try to make it 5.
Only a few days into new job but will do my best to sneak out .

Sponge Thu 21-Apr-05 11:03:07

OK 6 then [simle]

beachyhead Thu 21-Apr-05 11:03:13

If Sponge is 6, I'll be 7......

Sponge Thu 21-Apr-05 11:04:27

Would help if I could spell smile wouldn't it? Brain addling in tedious old job.

Kayleigh Thu 21-Apr-05 11:09:00

You are all so obedient LOL

Pamina3 Thu 21-Apr-05 11:18:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 11:19:51

Hey Pamina, don't you mean 8 + 1 on board
Quite a crowd now Kayleigh

bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 11:28:20

shall we go for double figures?

Kayleigh Thu 21-Apr-05 11:59:46

Oi Marina, none of this +1 lark please. If we start getting into fractions or parts of people I'll get completely confused.
So, if you need a chair you add 1. I don't care what's inside your belly (well obviously I do, but not for the purpose of the seating exercise)

Mum2girls Thu 21-Apr-05 12:02:54

'Lunch in the City' - sounds so glam to a (relative) northerner like me. I have visions of you all looking like Sex in the City types!

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 12:05:36

Ho ho Mum2girls, I can assure you I look like all four of those skinny glamourpusses tied in the middle with a piece of string
I can gladly say that others of the City Mums Brigade are highly glam!

beachyhead Thu 21-Apr-05 12:06:13

It is HUGELY Glamourous.....handbag addiction and kayleigh compare handbags....marina and I compare earrings....we all eat virtually nothing, set in a chrome and glass restaurant served by semi-naked Italian waiters.......

bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 12:07:05

i even have silver shoes, but sadly they are flat pumps, not manolos

bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 12:07:39

(beachy, have you been to different meetups to me? )

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 12:08:50

I definitely don't remember the semi-nude waiters, and I think I must be all those extra hormones coursing through Beachy's system

beachyhead Thu 21-Apr-05 12:09:07

actually my description might be a tad scary!!!!!

Sponge Thu 21-Apr-05 12:09:20

Oi Marina, don't spoil the illusion. Of course we're at least that glamorous .

bundle Thu 21-Apr-05 12:10:30

<<feels enormous pressure to scrub up well at next lunch in city >>

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