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STIRLING--- oh come on, is there nobody pregnant in stirling?????????????

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allson Mon 16-Feb-09 05:57:57

my two best friends have moved away, ive no-one to talk to, and im going crazy not having anyone to share my feelings with..
also my partner is foriegn and much as i live him, the language barrier is incredibly difficult.
im 31 wks pregnant.

cathcat Mon 16-Feb-09 19:46:27

hello allson
Firstly I'm not pregnant and secondly I don't live in Stirling. But I am not too far if you drive, about 30 miles. Glad to help if you don't find anyone nearer lol.

allson Wed 18-Feb-09 07:34:20

thanks cathcat, unfortunately i dont drive and im not getting any money in at the moment and cant afford to travel. :-(
im gony just try and keepbusy and try to get more involved in my life, instead of hiding in a bubble.. moan moan haha.

Rumpel Tue 24-Feb-09 19:03:40

Hi ALLSON - I am in Stirling - I have a DD aged 2yrs and 5 months and a Ds aged 7 months. I organise meet-ups once a month in the local area for netmums if you are interested? Some of us are meeting at the McRobert at Stirling University on Friday 13th March for baby pictures then coffee/chat or lunch. We could meet -up before then for coffee/chat if you like? whereabouts in Stirling are you? I only moved here 11/2 years ago so stil finding my way about.

allson Wed 04-Mar-09 07:32:30

Hello there, i moved here in december myself,
and although came from not far away, i still feel a little lost. Anyway, sorryfor late reply, im going to mothers for lunch that date in the afternoon, but could meet you in the morning for coffee if you fancy??

Rumpel Fri 15-May-09 22:04:59

Allson - so sorry I only just checked htis again! Next meet is Fri may 22nd at The Buzz in Falkirk at 11.30am. Also there is a new Mummy toddler thing on at Kidz World in Alloa on Monday and Thursdays from 9.45am for a coupleof hours. The staff entertain your toddlies if you have any and you get to chat and drink a cuppa in relative peace! Lof into and put Stilring into the search box and you'll get our threads - i keep an eye on them more. Sorry again for the really late reply.xx

Rumpel Fri 05-Jun-09 21:08:13

Next meet is 11.30am Monday 30th June at The BUzz in Falkirk.

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