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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Just moved to Wimbledon, looking for new friends.

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GeorgieM Wed 30-Mar-05 18:27:19

Hi, I've just moved to Wimbledon with my 3 and a half year old daughter. Am going slightly stir crazy after unpacking far too many boxes (why do we have so many shoes?!) and was hoping that other Mum's in the area could give me some hints and tips on where to go, what's fun to do and if there's any great places to meet and make new friends (for me and Mollie!). We're both chirpy, happy-go-lucky characters, so would love to hear from anyone in the area. Cheers.

Niddlynono Wed 30-Mar-05 18:33:30

Welcome to Wimbledon GeorgieM. I live in Raynes Park and have recently been meeting up with a few other local MNers.

Lockets introduced me to It's a Kids Thing in Earlsfield the other week which was great (DS, 2.6, loved it).

I was hoping to set up a Wimbledon meeting next week sometime so keep an eye out for the Meet Ups section.

tiddlypom Wed 30-Mar-05 18:41:34

You're in luck, GeorgieM, Wimbledon is fabulous for kids, there's loads and loads to do, eg Polka Theatre, the commons, loads of playgroups and classes (art, music, dance) etc. If you go to the kids' section of Wimbledon Library and ask for their activities file, you'll get a taste of what's on, then there are regular publications with listings, eg Families SW and Parents' News, both available free at outlets like libraries.

I haven't yet managed an MN meet-up but am hoping to...

GeorgieM Wed 30-Mar-05 20:33:35

Hi Bexibooboo and thanks! Am loving being here. I've heard of It's Kid's Thing. Will have to give it a try. perfect location for little one's to burn off energy when it's too rainy to go to the swings. Will keep a lookout for info on a Meet Up.

GeorgieM Wed 30-Mar-05 20:36:48

Hi Tiddlypom, great tip about the library. I'll whizz down on Friday and see what I can dig up. My daughter wants to start ballet, so will be a good place to research classes.

Let me know if a meet up is on the cards.

Cristina7 Mon 04-Apr-05 15:38:30

Hi GeorgieM. Welcome to Wimbledon. There are ballet classes around for your daughter. My son attended ones in Wimbledon Village, Saturday mornings (run by the Southfields school of ballet). He enjoyed it, but then grew old enough to go to football sessions on Sat mornings.

I met up with a few MNers a couple of weeks ago. I'm on maternity leave ATM and available for meet-ups during the day (I have a 5 year old to pick up from school at 3.20). This week we are in W'don Park between 10am-12 pm for DS's football sessions. Me and DD (1 month old) can be found in the cafe during those times. We aren't going tomorrow as have other things planned, but back Wed-Fri.

There's a good choice of schools in the area. Is Mollie looking forward to school?

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