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*********Take it no one wants to come then :(******

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googoo Tue 29-Mar-05 14:43:00

i decided to be extreemly brave and have a coffee morning tomorrow,i was going to do it like a tupperware party but with my tiedye,

anyway it seems most of my messages on various sites have been hijacked to arrange other outings or meet ups in different places completly,

I have had only one definate yes despite asking loads of people.

i feel so poo, i really want to do it but i wasnt expecting no one to want to come

i am nice and not scary honest and im much more scared holding it than the people must be coming,

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to my gathering

luv jen

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 14:43:52

Aw hun - whereabouts are you? Not that I can come as I need to take DS to the doctor and am working later in the day, but wanted to send you hugs xxx

spacedonkey Tue 29-Mar-05 14:44:07

where are you?

NomDePlume Tue 29-Mar-05 14:45:59

aw babes . I'm the WMids if that's any good ?

Aero Tue 29-Mar-05 14:46:01

I read your post and thought it a lovely idea googoo, but sadly don't live anywhere close! Otherwise, I'd have come for sure with my little tribe! I think it's a great idea and all those thread hi-jackers should come and have coffee with you! Hope you have a better response soon.

starlover Tue 29-Mar-05 15:10:46

oh googoo... i did mean to e-mail you. I said I would be up for coffee (less scary somehow than a big meet-up)...
but ds then got his appointment for the paediatrician through and it's tomorrow, am loathe to cancel it in case we never get another one!

Will definitely come if you do another one though!

colditzmum Tue 29-Mar-05 15:12:10

Where are you hun? It is really easy to get left out on MN, isn't it!

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 15:16:34

Just found the other thread - Brighton's too far from me, I'm afraid (I'm in London). Can you sell your tie-dye on eBay? Summer's just round the corner...people will be looking to buy summery things.

ladymuck Tue 29-Mar-05 15:22:16


As for the Mumsnet record didn't/doesn't Zippy have 6 children? (as per nickname via c/s).

googoo Tue 29-Mar-05 15:39:41

Hi all,
thanks for the messages,
im just in brighton, i know there are loads of people in this area but maybe they dont want just coffee, more going out at night,

its not really to sell the tie dye, its more just a get together to meet other mums, i was just thinking of ways to make it more exciting,

please dont think i was getting at you or anyone in particular,
just feeling sorry for myself lol

thanks all
luv jen

RnB Tue 29-Mar-05 15:53:22

Message withdrawn

googoo Tue 29-Mar-05 16:00:10

hi RnB just wanted to say hi to another brightonian

RnB Tue 29-Mar-05 16:01:24

Message withdrawn

googoo Tue 29-Mar-05 16:13:54

would be great to meet in PP when its a bit nicer though

noddyholder Tue 29-Mar-05 16:21:34

I have a scan {not baby!)tomorrow or i would come too!Def next time I am near preston park rnb at fiveways near blakers

RnB Tue 29-Mar-05 16:34:39

Message withdrawn

magnolia1 Tue 29-Mar-05 17:11:49

I am so peed off coz I used to live in worthing but moved back to Surrey. I would have loved to come and I could have paid you for the girls clothes Which i will do by paypal later :-) xx

starlover Tue 29-Mar-05 18:48:27

googoo, you definitely should do another one...
throw a few dates around and then we all can tell you what day we can make it!

googoo Tue 29-Mar-05 19:24:58

thanks all, i will arrange another one, maybe you could all say what days are best for you ie mon-sun and i will get something sorted for a feew weeks time

luv jen

WigWamBam Tue 29-Mar-05 22:33:18

I'm nowhere near Brighton but just wanted to say that my dd has a couple of googoo's tie-dye T shirts and they're gorgeous. Well worth having a look at.

sallystrawberry Tue 29-Mar-05 22:37:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

majormoo Tue 29-Mar-05 23:11:06

I live in Brighton and would love to come along to a coffee morning, but I work Tues-Thurs, so let me know if you do one on a Monday or Friday

googoo Wed 30-Mar-05 09:28:51

hi sallystrawberry
i dont think im allowed to post my website myself but if you email me i can send you the url
its closed untill 3 today due to my tiny gathering , dont want to double sell tie dyue items as i wont be able to redo them the same,

will have a go at that cat thing but havent got it to work before
luv jen

WigWamBam Wed 30-Mar-05 16:43:08

I can post it though, can't I?

Here you go - dd loves her T-shirts

Sal61 Wed 30-Mar-05 18:13:42

Googoo, I really like some of your tie dye clothes. I would definitely come if you have another coffee morning esp if I could bring the children (2 are school age)so they can choose....

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