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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone in East Sussex?

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Sal61 Sun 27-Mar-05 13:25:03

Hello, I would like to chat with others in the area, and perhaps meet up over the summer if people are interested. Have ds aged 3.

noddyholder Sun 27-Mar-05 13:25:56

brighton we are having a meet up soon

googoo Sun 27-Mar-05 17:18:44


Anyone interested?

Set now for the 30th march 10-12 am ish (weds)

Im happy to have it at my house would anyone like to come to brighton? we are on a bus route as well

Rather than selling avon or tupperware i thought i might put on a tie dye party, (the items i sell)

What i would really love is for a few wahms to come and sell their bits .

of course there would be no pressure to buy anything at all, i would love to meet some other mums in this area, if its nice weather we could chuck the kids in the garden and have some peace

please leave a message here or email

elliedragon Sun 27-Mar-05 18:11:42

Im in Crowborough, East Sussex. Any good Sal61?

Sal61 Mon 28-Mar-05 20:02:14

Elliedragon, I am in Hailsham (near Drusilla's). Unfortunately, can't make 30th googoo. When are you planning to meet, Noddyholder? I'm not on the doorstep, but I visit Brighton q often for a city-fix! I also have 10 yr old ds (nearly 11 )and 9yo dd as well as 3.5 yo ds....oh yes, and I've just turned 44!!! I'm sure this will put people off.....

noddyholder Mon 28-Mar-05 20:13:21

I am nearly 40 with 10 nearly 11 ds too!We are meeting sat 23 april at 1pm no venue decided yet I will post about that in the next few days.We ususlly have lunch and a few drinks it is great fun!

Sal61 Mon 28-Mar-05 20:44:43

Thanks Noddyholder, I'll wait to hear from you.

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