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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Breakfast coffee in the City?

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Flick Thu 20-Mar-03 09:42:08

Anyone in the Broadgate area who fancies a coffee before work?

shelleyb Fri 21-Mar-03 12:36:24

I'd love to meet up. I come into Liverpool St station weds/thurs & frids. I start work at 9:30 but couldn't get to Liverpool St before 9:00. If that's too late I could do a quick sandwich at lunchtime.

Wills Fri 21-Mar-03 14:14:20

I too am happy to meet up. I'm currently off sick and definitely wouldn't be up to the journey at the moment but once I'm back at work I'd be happy to meet up. I think timing is the problem for mornings. I'm fairly flexible but need to sort out getting my dd to school via dh and he needs time to sort it out.

Flick Fri 21-Mar-03 15:07:40

I was just suggesting mornings as I tend to have to keep my head down at lunchtimes so I can get out at a reasonable time to pick ds up. So could do 9am for a coffee - how about Starbucks? Otherwise, am sure I could do a cheeky lunch sometime.....

shelleyb Fri 21-Mar-03 15:43:13

Flick, How about a coffee at 9:00 on thursday 3rd April. Do you mean the Starbucks inside Liverpool St Station ? There are so many round here.
Wills, if you aren't back at work by then just let us know when you are and we can arrange another meet.

Flick Fri 21-Mar-03 15:54:49

Sounds good - how about the Starbucks on Appold St/Sun St, do you know the one I mean? Its a bit quieter than the one actually in the station....

sis Fri 21-Mar-03 16:11:27

I work in the area too but am always running late so can't make breakfast but if anyone wants to meet-up over a quick lunch, I'd be able to come. I work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays so can meet up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wills, hope you feel better soon.

shelleyb Fri 21-Mar-03 16:16:54

I know where you mean. If you can get my email from tech support we can exchange descriptions. I don't fancy going into details on here !!

shelleyb Fri 21-Mar-03 16:25:34

Sorry sis we overlapped. i can do lunch weds or fridays. Flick do you want to change our date to lunchtime (we'll make it a quick one) so we can all meet together ?

Flick Fri 21-Mar-03 17:09:08

Yep, can do lunch too, just let me know where and when....

shelleyb Fri 21-Mar-03 19:29:52

Flick & Sis - Can you do lunch on friday 4th April. Say 12:30. We can decide on a venue once we agree date & time. Anyone else want to join us for a quick sandwich at lunchtime ?

sis Sat 22-Mar-03 18:52:46

Shelleyb, the 4th is fine for me.

Flick Mon 24-Mar-03 09:19:22

Sounds fine for me. Might only have to be a quick coffee but would be great to meet up nonetheless......

shelleyb Mon 24-Mar-03 13:21:06

it's a date ! can you think of anywhere to meet where we can get a table at 12:30 ? i don't often go out lunchtimes and if I do it's only to m&s because i've forgotton to take something out of the freezer for dinner

Flick Mon 24-Mar-03 14:20:54

Hmm, how about the Lime Bar?

metrobaby Mon 24-Mar-03 14:43:48

Can anyone join in?

Flick Mon 24-Mar-03 14:53:30

as far as I am concerned its an open thing, the more the merrier!!!

shelleyb Mon 24-Mar-03 19:39:00

metrobaby- absolutely
Flick - where's the Lime Bar ?

sis Tue 25-Mar-03 09:59:27

Oh I am a stupid, brain dead idiot!!! - I acn't make the 4th I hadn't checked properly. I am really sorry and would still like to meet up with all three of you. Will you forgive me and let me join you next time?

Flick Tue 25-Mar-03 09:59:46

Appold Street I think. If anyone has any other suggestions, please shout...

shelleyb Tue 25-Mar-03 11:28:38

flick - that's fine for me.metrobaby - is that ok with you ?
sis - don't worry i know the feelng. will let you know how it goes and arrange another meeting.
So, how are we going to know each other - carry a copy of mother & baby magazine ?!!!

metrobaby Tue 25-Mar-03 11:35:12

That date is fine with me. Is the Lime Bar near the Deutsche Bank building (no 1 Appold St - opp All Bar One) ?

Must admit I am nervous now ... does everyone know one another ? I'm a mumsnet meetup virgin you see.

Flick Tue 25-Mar-03 11:42:35

actually, why don't we go to the All Bar One as that is easier to find - the one opp Deutsche Bank. I won't know anyone either...! How will we recognise each other????

metrobaby Tue 25-Mar-03 11:59:04

Hhmmm good question - to which I have no good answer.

Is there any significant sign/area inside All Bar One we could meet at perhaps ?

Flick Tue 25-Mar-03 12:03:13

Hmm, there are seats outside starbucks (which is next to All Bar One) but that might be a bit confusing....any suggestions?

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