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Would some mums like to see a top West End show for half price - see Debbie's theatre club

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brightspark Wed 19-Mar-03 15:09:27

Hi, I run a theatre club and I can keep you up to date on many special discounts for shows in the West End. I can currently obtain tickets for MUMS THE WORD comedy at the Albery Theatre, London, staring Patsy Palmer, Imogen Stubbs,. Cathy Tyson, Jenny Eclair for half the price.
As long as they are booked by 31st March I can get the BEST seats for only 15 pounds for matinees or 20 pounds for evening perfs. This doesnt mean you have to SEE the show by 31 March, only book it. THE ONLY CONDITION TO GET THE SPECIAL OFFER IS THAT IT MUST BE A GROUP OF 8 OR MORE. It really is a very funny show and a great day/night out. I saw it this Saturday and would highly recommend it, as a mum I could relate to lots of it! If you are interested in joining my club and you do book a show - I can occasionally offer a couple of free tickets sometimes to see another one. There is another special offer on SINGALONGA ABBA which is great fun as well for a group of people for only 10 POUNDS A TICKET.
INTERESTED? Please email me on or call me on 07833 601068.

Jaybee Wed 19-Mar-03 15:16:41

Not sure if you are aware but there is a fee for advertising on Mumsnet. If you return to the homepage - scroll to the bottom and click on advertising - I am sure your donation will be most welcome.

jasper Wed 19-Mar-03 21:59:29

I saw Mum's The Word ( different cast) when it was running in Scotland.
It is wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Tinker Wed 19-Mar-03 22:56:43

It's just got an absolutely dreadful review in the Independent today! Think it said it was even worse than the Vagina Monlogues (now that does really sound like tosh). Mind you, I hate going to the theatre so not the best one to talk on these things.

Ems Thu 20-Mar-03 08:35:20

Jasper, I saw it too when it was touring, HYSTERICAL, really enjoyed it, you laugh, cry and squirm, I loved the 'streak' and the 'squirting nipple'!!!!

SueW Thu 20-Mar-03 13:15:55

You can get a cheaper deal by going through the NCT (but I think tickets have to be booked by today). Tickets are just a fiver and it goes straight to the NCT. There's also a Pizza Express offer with it.

Contact Jim at NCT Fundraising on 0870 770 3236 if you fancy it.

SueW Thu 20-Mar-03 13:22:49

BTW, you don't have to be an NCT member to get the cheap tickets.

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