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Anyone near Crowborough, East Sussex?

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elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 17:08:33

Hi, I'm mother of 2 boys and in need of female conversation.

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Mar-05 17:18:22


golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:18:26

Not now, I'm afraid, I used to live in Crowborough. Happy to chat on here though

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Mar-05 17:20:34

there you go I knew there was a thread

Hope that helps

zubb Wed 23-Mar-05 17:31:07

my parents live there - not that that helps!
Did you go to Beacon then golds?

noddyholder Wed 23-Mar-05 17:32:20

Brighton here!

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:35:33

No - I lived there when I first got married.

From Staffs, moved to Pembury with mum and dad, moved to Jarvis Brook with dh.

I used to work at Salomons Center in Southborough and loved the journey home each night, down that hill past Neville Crest & Gun overlooking those fields, really pretty place. Now back in Staffs

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 17:38:07

I used to work at the Salomons centre too. Did you get the large lunches?

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:42:58

When did you work at Salomons, I was there from 92 to 96. Finance Staff Development with Bob Baker

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 17:47:49

Now you are asking, it feels like a lifetime ago. I think it was about 1994, so it probably overlapped. I worked at the SE Inst of Public Health. Small world!

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:50:49

Crokey, it is isn't it. I used to love there dinners - £1.65 for 2 courses I remember.

I had my engagement photos taken on the bridge over the lake, beautiful place.

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:51:07

I meant 'crikey'

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 17:54:50

Crokey sound far more fun!!
How many children do you have?

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 17:59:43

I have 2, dd is 7 going on 14 and ds is 5 in April, having many thoughts that won't go away about having number 3, keep trying to ignore them. (the thoughts that is, not the kids)

What about you ?

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 18:03:21

I have 2 ds, 4 and 2. I also have the inner voice saying 'go on have another one' but as yet not doing anything about it.

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 18:12:31

I don't know whats on offer round Crowborough way for the kids, as I had moved before having them. Do you get to meet many people ?

I don't know what to do about a 3rd really, part of me says just do it you'll regret it if you don't and the other part says, your mad there will be a 8 year age gap. I wish I'd have done it sooner.

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 18:17:35

I know what you mean. I think that is why I am thinking about having another now before the age gap get to big, but children are happy with any age gap, i dont think there is any right answer. There is 10 years between me and my youngest bro! I also think as I have 2 ds, i would like a dd but there are no guarantees. 3 ds could be a handful.

As for Crowborough dont know anyone really, know a few people in Tunbridge Wells. I keep hoping to meet people when no 1 ds goes to school. Does that happen?

golds Wed 23-Mar-05 18:25:23

Oh yes, the best way to make friends (if you want to) with a little effort is at the school gates. I know loads of people where I live now and that is because both of them are at school. Alot of them are aquitances, but I have made a few very good friends.

Just thinking about it, I am sure there are some people on here, who live in TW's, they may come on later. Does you eldest go to pre-school ?

elliedragon Wed 23-Mar-05 18:53:32

He goes to a nursery 2 am's a week, but it is strange to think he starts school in September.

zubb Wed 23-Mar-05 18:58:46

what school is he going to?

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Mar-05 19:03:16

Am worried about ans about schools for our kids

this is the WWW

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Mar-05 19:04:29

sorry zubb

Don't want to offend

just rather careful about www and security

DelGirl Wed 23-Mar-05 19:34:35

My late DH grew up in Jarvis Brook and his dad still lives there - has done all his life and is nearly 80 now. Nice little village. I don't live there though, I'm in Dorset.

zubb Wed 23-Mar-05 19:40:23

sorry RTKM - see what you mean! just interested as I went to one there for a few months - started with H.
Jarvis Brook has a nice chinese restaurant - not sure its still there though - was on the main road (Crowborough Hill?). Haven't been down there for a while.

RTKangaMummy Wed 23-Mar-05 19:45:11

zubb that is ok

was just a bit worried it may be too much info

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