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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any Mumsnetters in Herts?

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Kazziegirl Mon 17-Mar-03 12:08:33

Just wondering if any of you are in Herts and would be interested in meeting up? I'm in Welwyn Garden City - DS is 4 and DD is 2.

sykes Mon 17-Mar-03 12:18:44

Will be moving back to Hertford by July so would LOVE to then - have friends in Hertford but not with children/they work full time and I'll be, hopefully, freelancing.
Two dds aged 15 months and 3.5.

newmumnik Mon 31-Mar-03 22:59:16

I am new mum in hatfield and would love to meet other mums in the area.Have a girl, aged nearly 6 weeks

Rhiannon Tue 01-Apr-03 20:45:37

I'm in Cheshunt, but DS is at school and DD is going in Sept. The number for Hertford & Ware NCT is 01992 535390 (ansaphone) if anyone would like to meet new friends.

barnie Wed 02-Apr-03 14:26:28

I'm in Barnet. Have 2 boys. Eldest is 4 and at school, youngest is 22 months. Am happy to meet early in day with younger ones or with older ones too in holidays.

sykes Wed 02-Apr-03 14:32:53

I'm moving back in July - as posted - and would be keen to meet up with children two dds who'll be nearly four and about 20 months.

Kazziegirl Wed 02-Apr-03 15:09:08

I'd be happy to meet up with any of you. If any of you are interested or have any ideas where we could meet let me know;

newmumnik Thu 08-May-03 18:46:37

I am in hatfield, herts but would love to meet other mums in the area. Have one girl, nearly 3 months. Anyone interested? my e-mail is if anyone wants to get inntouch to arrange a meet

Tissy Thu 08-May-03 19:40:46

Girls, girls! don't publish your email addresses, you'll get spammed buy people flogging viagra, pen1s enlargement, growth hormone and low rate refinancing!!

Take it from one who's had 20 unwanted emails already today!!

booklady Fri 09-May-03 01:37:07

Hi everyone. I'm in Potters Bar and I work from home with two children aged 4 and 1. I would normally love to meet up with you. Problem is that I don't have the time. I need some help to cover the Mother and Toddler groups in the area selling Usborne books if you are interested please visit my website and send me an email

mieow Sun 18-May-03 08:10:35

I'm also in welwyn garden city. Have 3 kids DS 5, DD1, nearly 3 and DD2 19 months

Kazziegirl Sun 18-May-03 10:22:23

Mieow - drop me a message if you'd like to chat and maybe meet up - my email address is in my message below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Wills Sun 18-May-03 11:49:39

Hi, I'm in Goffs Oak and yes it would be great to meet up. Unfortunately I'm a working mum still (Maternity leave due to start in 6/7 weeks ) so could only meet up at weekends or evenings .

newmumnik Wed 21-May-03 15:53:24

hi wills and mieow. wondered if you fancied trying to arrange a meet some time a we seem to be close to each other. have one girl, just gone 3 months

misdee Thu 12-Jun-03 11:13:09


i'm in hatfield, i'm mieows sister. lol.

would love to meet up with other mumsnetters too. i have 2 girls, aged 3yrs and 9months.

newmumnik Tue 01-Jul-03 18:12:39

hi misdee, can meet with the kids one day in the galleria if you fancy. good days for us r monday, tues pm, wednesday or friday am. let me know!

misdee Thu 07-Aug-03 08:51:25

hey, sorry didnt check back here. galleria is good, how old r u're kids? just thinkinbg bout toddler world. anyone else wanna join us?

Janstar Thu 07-Aug-03 09:33:41

I'm in the Watford/St Albans area - still Herts but seems a bit far away from the rest of you - are there any mums in West Herts?

aloha Thu 07-Aug-03 09:53:02

Yes, never, ever put your email address like that on the internet - scanner technology picks them up and sells them to spam senders. However, if you write your email out as, say, the scanner viruses can't recognise it, and you don't get zillions of invitations to meet willing Russian brides and have your penis enlarged. I wish I'd known that sooner! Otherwise go through 'contact another talker' at the top of the page.

Munchk2n Thu 07-Aug-03 11:27:18

I'm in Berkhamsted...hmm is that West Herts? It's close(ish) to you Janstar...

grommit Thu 07-Aug-03 12:26:55

I am in Boxoor Hemel - not far

grommit Thu 07-Aug-03 12:27:18

Boxmoor, Hemel - finger trouble

misdee Thu 07-Aug-03 12:59:46

st albans aint far from me. i'm at the far end of hatfield, the garden centre end. right next to the galleria really. come on lets sort a meet up out.

lou33 Thu 07-Aug-03 13:09:32

I used to love the Galleria when we lived closer. Found Gunwharf Quays now in Porstmouth, yipee!(Sorry to digress)

Zerub Thu 07-Aug-03 13:56:23

More digression - whats Toddler World at the Galleria like? I'm in Royston so only just in Herts (north) - about half-hour from the Galleria. Is Toddler World any good for a 14-month old (been walking for about 4 weeks, quite good at climbing up things!). Their site says "up to 1.2m" which is a five or six year old, isn't it?

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