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central london mamas...hello!

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babyburps Fri 18-Mar-05 19:27:09

i try again...because i still believe!...who likes coffee? follow after me! 10mth ds is turning me even more loopy than i ever was! who wants to come on a picnic now the weather is turning?!

flakecake Sun 20-Mar-05 18:56:25

Hi, would love to take kids to the park or something. I'm in nw london. Will check messages tomorrow.

Davros Sun 20-Mar-05 19:20:58

A few of us on SN are meeting up tomorrow if you can manage REALLY central London (Bishopsgate). Go to SN to find the thread. I'll have DD with me who has just turned 2.

babyburps Sun 20-Mar-05 23:24:52

i can't do tomorrow because i have to wait in all day for argos delivery in westbourne park but i would have given getting to bishopsgate a shot! think of me if theres another opportunity x.

babyburps Sun 20-Mar-05 23:26:25

flakecake? how far nw are you? would u like to meet in the middle?!

kate79 Mon 21-Mar-05 09:12:07

hey everyone i'm in central london v.near bishops gate can travel a bit got a 11 month old boy.
get in touch

flakecake Mon 21-Mar-05 19:09:56

Hi there babyburps! You are just down the road from me I'm in Harlesden. Do you know Roundwood park? It is nice for the little ones. Or Hyde park. Tomorrow is Tuesday, are you free?
I have to go to internet cafe to check mail, so will check before midday.

babyburps Mon 21-Mar-05 22:23:36

flakecake! not free. ds dad's day off work and wednesday have to wait in for dleivery, grrrr. Am actually nearer than u think, on harrow road! lets go for a walk? i'm free any day apart from tues/wed! thurs any good for you? just let me know when tomoro if you like and i'll be there. don't mind coming down to roundwood park or could go up to regents park, thats easy on the route 18, let me know what u prefer!

beansprout Mon 21-Mar-05 22:28:16

I'm in Harlesden too!! Was in Roundwood Park this afternoon! Perhaps I can join you?

babyburps Tue 22-Mar-05 11:23:03

sure beansprout! I tried to CAT you in reply to your email! what if i cautiously suggest thurs guys? i'm easy on location...

flakecake Tue 22-Mar-05 14:26:51

Hi all, Beansprout I'm taking dd down to Roundwood park now for a couple of hours- untill about 4.30pm. Yes I can do Thursday, what time?
I was also thinking about taking baby swimming anyone interested? Any nice pools around here?
I must warn you all I'm not looking trendy due to lack of funds!!! You know how it is!
Who to spot me- I wear a white coat and baby sports a Maclaren xt.

babyburps Wed 23-Mar-05 00:34:35

well its been a long time since i swam, but i'm not against it in theory! bit flabby at the mo, would be mortally embarrassed in a swim suit, perhaps i'll work up to that one! heard the jubilee sports cenre on caird st is quite good, its very near me but i've never cheecked, think they have cheap childcare weekday morns 10-12 if u want to work out, or just have some time out! to your concern on the other thread, i do my best to run on time! its ds that has no concept!...promise would never be 3hrs late tho! 15min max...she says touching wood! how about early afternoon on thurs? am not great at getting organised in the mornings would you like me to come down to roundwood park or do you fancy going somewhere different?
beansprout, r you coming with your little bean? x.

babyburps Wed 23-Mar-05 00:35:34

i'm sorry for my spelling errors! its time for me to go to bedfordshire i think!

sue31 Thu 24-Mar-05 00:34:05

o.k i'm going to suggest 1pm tomorrow in roundwood park? going to visit my grandmother in harlesden tomorrow so that's fine...c what a great girl i am will check the computer before i leave to see if beansprout or flakecake is able to be there? ...otherwise granny gets extra time! x.

babyburps Thu 24-Mar-05 00:35:41

opps didn't change chat name back! he he

kate79 Thu 24-Mar-05 12:24:24

i'm in ec1 bishops gate in the city !!! gutted

babyburps Thu 24-Mar-05 12:26:55

hi kate, if you'd like to meet up where would you like it to be? i'd love to meet someone coming at this parenting thing from a similar angle as me! could i possibly meet you in the middle? lucy x.

beansprout Fri 25-Mar-05 10:00:19

Sue (and anyone else). Could meet you outside the cafe at 1pm today? I'll say outside as once you get there there are about 50 people with pushchairs so it gets a bit difficult!!
Ds is 5 months and we are driving a M&P Pliko. I have the usual mummy uniform of jeans and have dark brown hair. Oh yes and glasses.

Will check later to see if you can make it or not. Maybe see you this afternoon?!

flakecake Fri 25-Mar-05 11:31:14

Hi, will try and be there for 1pm.

flakecake Fri 25-Mar-05 17:30:27

Went to park today at 1.30pm but didn't see you beansprout.

beansprout Fri 25-Mar-05 18:52:00

Um, had left by then....!

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