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LONDON MUMS :o ...s.o.s!!!!!

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lucy1979 Tue 15-Mar-05 23:08:48

ladies! hi, i salute you all! don't know how you do it, i'm just winging it,and scraping by in my usual manner! 25 years old and my ds has just turned 10mths. He came into my life an unexpected blessing Still with my partner although things have been a little strained since yassins birth, he's also a chef and often working double shifts so not around too much. Partners tunisian origin but raised in france...I was raised in hillingdon now living around queens park...not that this matters!!!! just giving you a little background! wonderind who..if up for meeting with me?! Have made no previous efforts to befriend other mums! yassin seems to adore babbling with babies on the bus so feel mean not facilitating any playmates for him! Would be nice myself, to have a little cameradary (can't be spelt right! nothing to do with cameras, sorry! brain mushy at this time of night!), seem to be drifting here! looking for a walk? a coffee? or an adventure further afield! i like a good challenge

lucy1979 Tue 15-Mar-05 23:31:36

nobody wants to talk to me...i see...i have overwhelmed them with my diluted life story...must learn to be more mysterious...

HUNKERMUNKER Wed 16-Mar-05 00:00:00

I'll talk to you! Whereabouts in Hillingdon? Actual Hillingdon, or within the borough? I live in Ruislip, DS was born in Hillingdon Hospital

My DS is 11 months old - getting very feisty!

Can you talk to your health visitor about local groups? Have you been to - they have message boards for your local area so you can find things to do nearby (baby groups, etc).

SueW Wed 16-Mar-05 00:12:32

Hillingdon - I've heard of that. The Conservative candidate for Erewash (our borough on Derbys/Notts border) is currently Deputy Leader of your council!

So it's a choice between him, Robert Kilroy-Silk and local gal Liz Blackman.

Other than that - sorry. I hope you find someone. This will bump you up a bit

Janh Wed 16-Mar-05 00:12:43

I went to school in Hillingdon

In Lancs now though so no use to you, lucy. But there are a few West London threads on meet-ups I think - here's one although that's Heathrow area so further out than you.

Anyway it's v v late now, bump your thread tomorrow and see who's around then! This page has all the meetup threads on it (including yours right at the top atm).

lucy1979 Wed 16-Mar-05 03:04:22

hunkermunker! i grew up in ruislip!!! yey! in saint martins approach, my family don't live there anymore though, but my mums down the road in hillingdon! was actually due to have ds in hillingdon hospital before i moved just before he was born! Are you originally from ruislip? maybe i know you!

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