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LONDON XMAS DO!!! Final List!!!

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Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 17:22:57

You can still add your name!

Venue is here

22nd November

£20 per head

Paypal is - when it gives you the payment types, please select "other" and then "gift" to avoid me paying your fees. If I am charged fees I will be asking for them back!

Email: if you want to pay by cheque, bank transfer, cash or nochex and I will give you the details (Nochex will incur a fee)

That payment covers canapes and some drinks (more details about that in my next post)

List of all coming so far - if you aren't on it and you think you have paid, then yell and I will check my records!!!

Whoops - are you about at all this week to meet up and sort music???

SS Sister

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 17:23:25

Right ladies - I need you all to help me

Someone is needing either accompanying back on the night, or someone to share a room with. So....

If you are taking a train back that NIGHT and want company then please can you email me and tell me where you are headed.

If you are staying overnight but don't have accommodation and/or can share a room/lend a bed, again, please can you email me!

I can explain all via email, but she doesn't want her details on the board iyswim

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 17:26:29

The money.

I was hoping to do some sort of £x voucher kind of deal so that it worked for the non-alcohols, but they won't do it.

So the plan is - I will have a list of us all. When I finally know how much food is costing and how much the average drink is you should all get 1-2 alcoholic drinks or 2-4 non-alcoholic.

You come to me to claim your drink (PLEASE do this at the start of the night!!!), I can cross you off my list and it will go on the bar tab. Sound confusing simple enough?

It is the only way that this will work and therefore not up for discussion

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 17:29:51

hang on - just re-read the email from her, I will get vouchers for beer/wine or soft drink, you get given vouchers, still the list job but not me going back n forth with you all

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 17:32:10

I am quite tempted for the first time ever.

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 17:33:05

Ooh you should

snorris Sun 09-Nov-08 17:54:03

Whoops and I won't be going now sad. I've had to put my sensible head on wink as I am already having far too many twinges to be comfortable about being away from home. Although it might be quite entertaining to have a real Mumsnet birth grin.

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 18:33:51

People local to me are you staying over or getting train back?

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 19:24:10

Awww for whoops and Snorris

TS&P - me, psycho and nappiesgalore are staying overnight. Me & Psycho in a B&B, Nappies undecided yet! Another regular is looking for someone to roomshare with

SheikYerbouti Sun 09-Nov-08 19:31:36

tenner's worth of drink?

That's 3 pints of laaaager according to their website. Just a cheeky snifter then grin

SheikYerbouti Sun 09-Nov-08 19:32:45

I am sharing a room with GtG

Buda Sun 09-Nov-08 19:41:18

I have sent cheque Flame - posted from Budapest Friday so you should have it by Thurs.

Twinset - go!

HRHSaintMamazon Sun 09-Nov-08 19:44:30

ooh Twinset please do come.
im coming and am quite frankly freaking myself out that someone will be there that i have mortally offended.

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 19:46:12

I would like to come, we are up sit creak financially. Will discuss it with dp. Where are people staying.
Mamzon your cleavage is too amazing for me to be anywhere near grin

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 19:49:49

Wow! Just looked at Mamazon's cleavage!!! shock What size are they!?!?!?

Have never offended me afaik, I may have offended you.... (especially as I have just asked what size your norks are blush)

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 19:50:36

I do find the idea of a mass meet up very scary, am actually quite shy.

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 19:50:54

we're staying in a psychedelic B&B (will find the link in a bit).

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 19:51:32

You can get away with only talking to a handful of people though, so you can pretend it is a small meet up in a big place wink

HRHSaintMamazon Sun 09-Nov-08 19:51:35

no where near as big or as fabulous as people seem to think.

i t hink its cos im so huge they just look a bit massive...but thats cos im massive all over.

will have to start wearing that jumper on dates though i think lol

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 19:52:18

Ooh you're right, I had them at at least a G You don't look huge though hmm

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 19:55:02

Mamazon that jumper does scream dive in.

twinsetandpearls Sun 09-Nov-08 19:56:17

Is it a nice regular mumsnetter seeking a nighttime companion? Some of you lot terrify me.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 09-Nov-08 19:58:24

I don't know what to do. Should I stay over, drive up (not a drinker anyway) or get train home? Either way I can't tell my parents because my dad will come up and collect me... hmm

Flamesparrow Sun 09-Nov-08 20:13:33

aww @ your dad!

Yup, either a nighttime companion, or a home journey partner, but you live in the wrong area for the homeward bound bit

AMamaForObama Sun 09-Nov-08 20:16:56

I am piffle and I am really nice happy to room share to cut costs!

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