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jimjams - willows tomorrow?

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shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 10:41:31

hi jimjams - just want to check you are still ok for willows tomorrow (fri) 11am?
don't know how to contact through mumsnet and have my 22 month old pressing all the buttons on computer so will check again tonight when all is quiet.bye for now

oooggs Thu 10-Mar-05 16:18:06

Have a great time at the Willows. I love it up there and the pub on the way in, part of the Hungry Horse chain does an ace childrens menu.

Don't spend toooooo much in Mothercare & Next!!!!!

shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 19:34:17


Jimjams Thu 10-Mar-05 19:47:34

Sounds good See you then (in the back room?)

shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 20:08:10

hi jimjams - back room is the family room where all the toys are. parking can be tricky on a friday so don't worry if your running a bit late. look forward to seeing you tomorrow
expecting a skip tomorrow at 10 (nesting/diy hell) so shouldn't be held up but will phone willows if there is any delay

shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 20:30:59

is that ok?
and what do you look like?

Jimjams Thu 10-Mar-05 20:43:38

Sounds good. Why's parking bad on a friday- is it market day? I usually go to the bottom car park thingy short stay. I have to struggle up the hill with ds2 and ds3. DS3 will be in a stripy sling, ds2 is 3 and has a big head (!!) I'll be wearing glasses tomorrow (must make the contact lens appt) and will prob be wearing some sort of pyjama bottoms (!!- seriously- I'm nowhere near fitting my normal clothes- still maternity lady).

What do you look like? Pregnant I know!

shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 21:10:46

tired, confused, short, rotund blonde with very assertive 22 month old also with large head will be wearing my only pair of maternity trousers cords and turquoise cardigan probably covered in food and goo!

Jimjams Thu 10-Mar-05 21:14:11

We're going to look very classy

shrub Thu 10-Mar-05 21:23:05

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 11-Mar-05 14:20:32

lovely to meet you and ds2 but being dozy I forgot to get your email address! Can you email me on nezumi (at) blueyonder (do)t co (dot) uk

shrub Sat 12-Mar-05 20:07:29

hi jimjams - just signed on and have sent you an email x

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