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any north scotland mummies

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tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 17:37:20

hi fairly new to this site. have 6 month old girl. find that living in north of scotland there isnt a lot of mummy and baby things to do. thank the genius who made the computer and the one who made mumsnet

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 17:39:59

and welcome!

where about are you? im in fife

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 17:41:32

have to go and make tea now but ill be around later or tomorrow if you need to chat

agree 100% about the lack of things to do

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 18:18:43

hi me north of inverness.

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 20:28:22

hi, bet you are the most northerly mumnetter! i know there are one or two in aberdeen. im in fife just now but moving to angus in june. i used to go to inverness for romantic weekends (or dirty weekends if you like!) with dh

its hard with babies finding things to do in the summer, never mind the winter! are you on mat leave or working?

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 20:42:56

i am just being a mummy. i worked in a tile shop when i fell pregnant and so i left as i was travelling 60 plus miles a day to get to work plus lifting up to 40 kg. i am hoping to not go back to work if we can help it finacially. yeah inverness is good for a night out, been out there quite a few times

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 20:47:34

i have just decided to be a mummy too, feel so much better since i made that decision. im going to help out with looking after my wee nephew, his mummy and daddy both work. im really looking forward to the summer, hopefully it will be a nice one

i have 2 dd's one is 2 yrs 4 mths the other is 4 mths. i love having dd's its like having a wee pal!

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 20:54:50

yeah i love having a girl although i would love them just as much if it was a boy. they say girls are easier than boys. my wee girl is. she sleeps all night and has done since 4 weeks. hope you like being a mummy. i think its one of the most rewarding jobs. this site is just fab. my hubby has to fight me for the computer now

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 21:01:41

my dd's have both been very good, sleeping eating etc although they do have their moments. dd1 just now is becoming very independent, i think girls like having their say, dont hold back!

i think the main thing at this age (my dd2 is 4 mths) is to enjoy it while you can, they dont stay little for long. thats good then that you are not working in a way.

what are doing so far north? have you always stayed there? i remember once going north of inverness, up to wick, it was so remote and desolate! absolutely nothing for miles on end!

although starkly beautiful

leighsand Tue 08-Mar-05 21:06:06

Hi, sorry to gatecrash this site but I'm a scottish mum too.

I live in fife and have 2 ds's - one 2 years 3 months and the other 4 months.

Unfortuneately going back to work in June and have mixed feelings about it at the moment. Think it might affect ds1 more than ds2 as he's become used to me being at home all the time.

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 21:10:39

been up the north most of my life . used to live in thurso just 20 mile from wick. i lived in inverness for a year, but now live 60 mile north of there. moved here when i met my hubby. i have some family here.
it is nice here although there aint a lot to do. gets pretty boring and lonely now and then. but i dont think i could move far if i had to. used to travel all over britain with another job and i aint found anywhere as peaceful as here.
so do you have these mummy and child groups with you. we have one here every wednesday but i dont know that many people.

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 21:14:31

hi leighsand. i know they get too attached to you being round. mine has started gurning a wee bit if i go out the room. its only now and again, but even when she is with daddy she does it. hubby thinks we are too dependent on one another, as i cant leave her yet, the longest has been an hour i have left her for

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 21:17:34

i have a toddler group, went since dd1 was 6 mths, but recently i have been going and dd1 says to me after 5 mins ' i want to go home now mummy ' so ive stopped going just now. it was a bit cliquey, didnt like it much but i went anyway. im not from round here and they like me to know it!

i remember feeling v nervous when going the first time, i said to my mum ' i dont want to go on my own ' and she said ' you are not on your own, you are with dd ' and she was right. no-one said much to me the first time i went there, i just played with dd, but you get to know people, you have to be brave. are they close in age to you? are there more than one in the area? why not invite some of the more friendly looking ones over for an afternoon? its hard i know

ps hello leighsand!

tegansmummy Tue 08-Mar-05 21:26:30

yeah they have all there little gangs . there is a few my age, im 25. i may go tomorrow. aint been 2 weeks as was snowed in and last week was getting dd off bf and on bottle. i take dd swimming once a week which we both love. any way gonna have to go soon as hubby is on way home and texted to say he is hungry, so theres a hint if i ever heard one. god knows what i am gonna make

leighsand Tue 08-Mar-05 21:29:08

I go to a mother and toddler group twice a week. Started going when ds1 was 4 months. It was hard to start with because most had being going for a long time and they weren't particularly friendly. As new people started coming always made a point to chat to them and have made lots of friends there now. Did try another group at one point in a different village and was made to feel like an outsider so only went a couple of times. Having children certainly means you have to try to be more outgoing though doesn't it.

I'm from Angus originally so all of our family are about an hour away which isn't too bad. Our parents all still work though so babysitters are hard to come by.

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