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Would like to meet MNers from plumstead/welling/bexleyheath...

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dropinthe Tue 08-Mar-05 08:13:07

I'm a new Mn Mum who has Wednesdays and Fridays free of her eldest child(still have a one year old but he can manage an hour or two out). Would love to meet up in Bexleyheath/Woolwich/Welling for a coffee and a chat so I don't go mad with housework.Can anyone oblige??

momo30uk Thu 10-Mar-05 11:25:41


Would love to meet up with you. Am free on Wednesdays and live in Dartford, so could meet you in Bexleyheath. I have daughter of 9 months.


dropinthe Thu 10-Mar-05 16:31:27

Sorry, have only just got in-that would be great Maureen-is it easy enough for you to get from Dartford to Bexleyheath?-I have a car so can do anywhere-let me know.
How long have you been using Mums net?? I have only been on since this Monday so am fairly new to the crowd.Spend far too much time reading about other peoples problems though!!!

momo30uk Fri 11-Mar-05 09:26:55

I drive as well, so Bexleyheath wouldn't be a problem. Have only recently started using mumsnet myself, its nice to speak to another 'local mum'.

Where is the best meeting point in Bexleyheath, apart from the library?

You can get in touch with me through my email:

dropinthe Fri 11-Mar-05 09:46:02

Will send you a message now!!

dropinthe Sun 13-Mar-05 18:45:27

Me and Momo30uk are meeting at Bluewater next Wednesday-anyone care to join us????

dropinthe Tue 15-Mar-05 16:00:45

Thats tommorrow-last chance???

dropinthe Thu 17-Mar-05 08:58:38

Didnt meet in end as I have been in bed for 24 hours with a nasty stomach bug so we will be rearranging if anybody wants a trip to Bluewater???

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