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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Bath/Bristol Thread no. 1537829374892

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cellogirl Mon 07-Mar-05 19:03:19

Hello everyone!!

I know there have been about 700000 million threads for Bath and Bristol, but everyone seems to have gone a bit quiet, so I took the liberty of starting yet another one!!! I think it's about time we sorted a meeting out, maybe we could sort something regular out so that people who can't make it the first time can come to subsequent meet ups etc. Any ideas?

Lots of love, Michelle and 12 week old Will xxx

Podmog Mon 07-Mar-05 19:07:10

Message withdrawn

cellogirl Mon 07-Mar-05 19:13:09

Where do you live Podmog? I live in Weston in Bath

littlerach Mon 07-Mar-05 19:37:14

If you meet in Bath, I could probably come!!!!

And theres a few in Corcham, Melksham too!

Steppy1 Mon 07-Mar-05 19:58:52

...and of course the mums night out, Junct 16 of'll be a monthly night out for mums

lettuce Mon 07-Mar-05 22:44:42

Hi, I'm getting really confused with all these different threads!There seem to be so many of us around here, surely we could manage to get something going?! I think cellogirl's idea about having a regular meet would be good, then hopefully there would always be some of us who can make it.
I don't know where to suggest for a venue, I don't know where the best place would be for mums with babies or small children as my two dds are both in school usually. Anyway, I'm up for whatever can be organized.
Also cellogirl- I go past Weston once or twice a week on my way into Bath, so if you fancy it we could meet up there.Let me know what you think.

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:48:25

I'm in Bath and know cellogirl, would love to meet up with lots of you!!!!!!

cellogirl Tue 08-Mar-05 10:08:21

Good morning everyone. I was just trying to think of somwhere where we could all meet. Obvoiusly in the summer, it might be nice to meet at the park or something, but it's a bit parky for that at the moment, so if anyone has any ideas of places with enough spaces for a few buggies etc then suggest away!!!!

Lettuce - When do you come by Weston? Maybe we could meet up at the little cafe in Weston village, I'm sure Sacha3taylor would be up for it too. xxxxx

cellogirl Tue 08-Mar-05 10:10:59

Ps, forgive my spelling in the last post, my typing is appalling sometimes!!!!

FrenchGirl Tue 08-Mar-05 10:13:31

hi cellogirl, am in Bristol, with a 5 and a half year old dd. Might be tricky to meet up because of work but I'll try!!
By the way, does your nickname mean you play/teach the cello? Dd seems interested in learning and I am starting to think about finding a teacher!!

Podmog Tue 08-Mar-05 10:36:13

Message withdrawn

Riebee Tue 08-Mar-05 13:36:00

Hi I'm near Calne, but could make it to Bath. Don't know it well enough to suggest child friendly place apart from the park for days when weather nicer. grabbing a coffee-wise I suppose theres Starbucks or M&S cafe, I guess depends on numbers.

cellogirl Tue 08-Mar-05 16:05:20

Frenchgirl, I teach the cello. My email address is if you want further details.

I think Starbucks or M&S could be a good plan. We can add them to the list! Any more suggestions?

We could just go ahead and organise something for next week, if anyone is up for it! Any particular day?

FrenchGirl Tue 08-Mar-05 16:07:26

thanks cellogirl, I'll get in touch (have to go and pick dd up now though).

Riebee Tue 08-Mar-05 17:23:39

Next week ok for me apart from Fri (my birthday ) I have two at school, don't know about anyone else but mornings would be better.

sacha3taylor Tue 08-Mar-05 18:24:30

I have 1 at school and 2 at home, next week is ok with me, what about m&s - starbucks is quite small from what i remember and not really pushchair friendy! How does wednesday sound?

Riebee Tue 08-Mar-05 18:49:20

Weds good for me

sacha3taylor Tue 08-Mar-05 18:58:34

In m&s?

littlerach Tue 08-Mar-05 19:30:57

Can't do that day, typical, if you meet up, have a great time, maybe can reschedule for another one in Easter hols???

Riebee Tue 08-Mar-05 19:45:10

M&S sounds good, if people having trouble for Weds can do any day but Fri.

sacha3taylor Tue 08-Mar-05 19:45:42

Would tues or thurs suit you littlerach?

cellogirl Tue 08-Mar-05 20:49:00

Any day is good for me too. I love a good meet up, me.

littlerach Tue 08-Mar-05 21:02:06

Think next week is too manic!! Usually I have hardly anyhting on, typical!

A regular meet up is a good idea, how owuld it work?

cellogirl Tue 08-Mar-05 21:20:35

Well, littlerach, I think we could nominate a time and a place each week (it could be different each time) so that all mums get a chance to meet up, as I know some of you are working etc, and not sad like me, who watches both editions of Neighbours everyday. We could, if we were feeling daring, even have a night out every now and then, and you can all watch me making a tit of myself after half a glass of red wine!!!!

Riebee Tue 08-Mar-05 21:46:40

I watch both episodes of neighbours some days
and Doctors ...tee hee
Going out on my first night out on Sat since having my's a Hen night, god knows how I'm going to keep up.
good idea about regular meet up. Are we still going for next week? Jemimah from Corsham is interested.

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