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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Winchester Meet Ups

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pinklilith Sun 06-Mar-05 10:53:23

Hi I am trying to get Winchester mums together, I hope you don't mind, but I set up a yahoo group to post meets on.

The idea is to arrange days out for kids and nights out for parents.

pinklilith Tue 08-Mar-05 12:21:24

come on guys, there must be some of you Winchester people out there!!

pinklilith Fri 27-May-05 20:25:43


pinklilith Tue 31-May-05 08:09:18

bump bump bump. winchester in hampshire, uk that is.

pinklilith Fri 03-Jun-05 22:54:21


pinklilith Mon 06-Jun-05 18:41:00

come on ladies there must be someone from Winchester here! Please.....

Tommy Mon 06-Jun-05 19:11:56

really wish I lived in Winchester for you pinklilith - will Southampton do?

pinklilith Mon 06-Jun-05 19:24:14

lol, Southampton doesn't bother me, I like shopping in Southampton.

pinklilith Wed 08-Jun-05 17:05:01


CountessDracula Wed 08-Jun-05 17:10:46

Alicatsg wants to do this

pinklilith Wed 08-Jun-05 19:18:28

Theres a bbq at the Cathedral grounds on friday, 12pm to 2pm. A couple of us are meeting there, by the statue of the soldier. Would anyone guys like to join us?

Tommy Wed 08-Jun-05 20:48:34

I can't do this week - I'm having my hair cut and getting a couple of hours to myself while the DSs go to grandma's. Have fun - maybe I can join you next time.

pinklilith Thu 09-Jun-05 23:23:10

will let you know.

pinklilith Mon 13-Jun-05 20:10:21

Winchester Meet up, at the Park outside the River Park Leisure Centre. At 12pm, if it is raining we will be by the ball pool inside. Please join us if you can.

pinklilith Thu 16-Jun-05 10:31:55

that's on Friday 17th, sorry forgot that bit.

pinklilith Fri 17-Jun-05 08:44:35


pinklilith Sat 18-Jun-05 20:50:11

Friday 24th June, at 12pm at the River Park Leisure centre, we will be in the park on the bench by the swings. Hope to see you there!

pinklilith Sun 19-Jun-05 20:30:46


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