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East Dulwich/ Bellenden Road/ Camberwell - Playgroups?

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root Tue 01-Mar-05 14:12:35

Hello you lot. I know you're out there - I pass millions of you in the street everyday. I might even have sat next to you in the Blue Mountain or Petitou. And yes, that was me going 'HOWWW much?!' at the kids' clothes in Soup Dragon.

I'm after a bit of playgroup advice. Want to find a nice friendly one around here that would be good for a sweet little 6 month old boy who is a bit scared of noisy mean kids. Must also involve adult conversation opportunities with interesting mums (or dads!).

joandellie Thu 03-Mar-05 14:43:37


We'd make a chorus in Soup Dragon then!

I know there's a small group that meet up in the hall next to St John's church, the one on Goose Green every Thursday morning.

If you're interested I'm trying to get together with some other East Dulwich mums. I work Mon-Wed but free otherwise.


mintenz Sat 12-Mar-05 21:23:21

also a group on Weds am (10am I think) at All Saints Church on Blenheim Grove, just off Bellenden Road. Only runs through term time but a really nice group.

motherpeculiar Sat 12-Mar-05 21:45:59

know what you mean about Soup Dragon

I'm in herne hill - currently awaiting arrival of no.2 any minute (well, in the next few weeks anyway) - don't know about any groups as I had my last in N London but will certainly watch this thread with interest as I'll be wanting to get out and about soon after the birth...

although I do know the the one o clock club at brockie park is good, if a bit boisterous at times...

aloha Sat 12-Mar-05 21:49:36

I also really like the one on Blenheim Grove - really nice varied bunch of mothers and REAL coffee (and biscuits) which was v important. I stopped going recently as ds is now three and a half and he seemed a bit old for it as so many three year olds go to nursery but might go along again as have dd and it might be nice for ds to get out on Wed mornings. Lots of people go to the park or Petitou afterwards too.
There is also one on - I think Monday am (must check) - at the church next to the library towards the top of Lordship Lane.
When your dd is a bit bigger there is Tiny Gym at the Camberwell Leisure centre on Wed and Friday mornings which also has a nice crowd.
I live in Camberwell, near the Villa nursery.

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