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Sheffield SPA meet-up - BOOKED; details and cheque info here

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Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 09:58:37

Hi all.

As promised I have booked the Spa for us all this morning.

I booked the Spa Experience for:
Saturday 23rd April
2.30pm - for up to 3 hours

MNetters booked for:
MB's friend

For Katzguk:

Your 45 minute bump massage has been book for 3pm. The rest of the time you are able to enjoy the facilities of the relaxattion room. Your treatment was £40*.


I have secured all treatments/Spa on my credit card for now. But they would like us to pay before hand if possible. Cheque is fine.

* You can make a cheque payable to Spa 1877
* Please e-mail me on claireandrich(at)beeb(dot)net for my postal address.
* If you can try and get them to me asap, I will take them over
* I will also need your full name at that time for the Spa - can't really book in MN names!!!

On arrival at the Spa, if not been before, you will need to fill out a short medical/health form. Just tick no to everything - Joking!!!

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 09:59:41

For further information about the Spa Experience, see their website on

Spa 1877

I can give directions to the Spa too.

katzguk Mon 28-Feb-05 10:03:55

thanks your a star - will give you a cheque on friday (okay?)

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 10:04:22

That is great

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 10:06:13

My friend is also coming to this, but with 2 of her friends. It is her birthday and she had planned to go to the Spa (me invited too), and then I asked her join us. As she was already planning it, I have added them to our booking list to make it easier for me I really hope that isn't a problem. I just didn't fancy spending 2 sessions in the Spa that day!!

MadameButterfly Mon 28-Feb-05 10:16:32

Have emailed you.

Thanks very much for sorting this out.

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 10:22:53

Meant to add - Saturday's are now WOMEN ONLY.

Don't forgot your cossie!

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 10:40:57

MB/Clary - have e-mailed you with my address.

gingerbear Mon 28-Feb-05 13:11:40

thank you so much for organising this Hula.
I will give you a cheque when I see you on Friday at Meadowhall (unless you want it earlier?)

roisin Mon 28-Feb-05 14:01:32

Thanks so much for organising this Hula - you're a star! I've emailed you for your address and will get a cheque straight off to you.
I really needed something to make me smile today, and this has!

Yorkiegirl Mon 28-Feb-05 14:11:54

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 15:09:48

YG/Gingerbear - Friday is good with me

Roisin - I have now e-mailed you back.

MB - got your text - will look out for the two cheques this week.

chocfreeclary Mon 28-Feb-05 16:17:31

hula, cheque in the post on my way home tonight

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 16:19:10

purpleturtle Mon 28-Feb-05 16:53:44

I'll send my cheque with Katzguk, if that's okay. Assuming she's where I am on Thursday morning. If not, I'll get your address from her and post it.

Can't make Friday's meet-up as I shall be at spa1877!

MadameButterfly Tue 01-Mar-05 10:19:38

Hula, I have posted the cheques 1st class this morning.

Hulababy Tue 01-Mar-05 10:51:15

Thanks MB

No problem purpleturtle. Have a lovely time

Hulababy Tue 01-Mar-05 20:07:27

Clary - your cheque arrived today. Thanks

jnbsmum Tue 01-Mar-05 21:56:11

Will give you my money on friday too

jnbsmum Tue 01-Mar-05 21:57:28

If thats ok

chocfreeclary Wed 02-Mar-05 08:10:41

Hula, that’s cool, I remembered to put it in the envelope then!!
soo excited about seeign you all

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 08:44:42

That's fine jnbsmum

LOL clary!

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 18:14:51

MB - the cheques arrived today, thanks.

Hulababy Thu 03-Mar-05 18:27:37

Roisin - your cheque arrived today, thanks

Hulababy Fri 04-Mar-05 19:32:21

Update (so I don't forget!!!)

Secur -
Hula - cheque recieved
Roisin - cheque recieved
Wedgiesmum -
Gingerbear - cash recieved
Madamebutterfly - cheque recieved
MB's friend - cheque recieved
Chocfreeclary - cheque recieved
purpleturtle - cheque recieved
Yorkiegirl - cash recieved
Laura - cheque received
Claire - cheque received
Jnbsmum - cash recieved

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