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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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mum4mnotts Sat 26-Feb-05 23:29:35

Hi there I have lived in Nottingham now for nearly 4 years and still haven't explored all the city has to offer.Iam 28 with 3 children of my own and a younger teenage sister who lives with me and 2 step kids..... would love to meet and talk to other Notts mums.

derbymom Tue 08-Mar-05 20:51:43

Hi Just joined mumsnet. Am 26 with 8 month old daughter. Live in derby (have car-will travel). Where abouts in Notts are you?

DomsMummy Wed 16-Mar-05 22:55:16

Hi, I've just joined mumsnet as I realised I'm going insane without other mum's to talk to! I'm 22, live in Hatton, Derbys and have a 6 month old son.

Steppy1 Thu 17-Mar-05 14:44:51

....Hi to you all, not from Nottingham but have been at the City Hospital over the last 24 hrs as Dad has been in for major op...back to Wiltshire now though !!

Petesmum Thu 17-Mar-05 14:56:11

Hi there! I work in Nottingham (Beeston) but live in Burton on Trent. My DS is just 2 and I'm 31. Would like to talk / see other mum's - weekends best as I work full time.

pinkmagic1 Thu 17-Mar-05 15:46:01

I am 25 and live in Nottingham with a son of 9 months. I don,t know many other mums so would love to meet up with some of you. Where in Nottingham are you mum4mnotts?

pinkmagic1 Thu 17-Mar-05 15:47:23

Maybe we could arrange a Nottingham meet up

Frizbe Thu 17-Mar-05 15:49:32

I'd be up for a nottingham meet up, I live in Ripley, Derbys

pinkmagic1 Tue 22-Mar-05 11:22:12

So are we going to arrange something everyone?

DomsMummy Thu 24-Mar-05 12:05:52

Sounds good if everyone's up for it! not that familiar with nott'm though so where would you suggest?

jane313 Sat 26-Mar-05 11:51:41

I had a search for Nottingham and thsi came up. My partner may be applying for a job there and wondered what you thought of the city? But lots of you seem to live outside!

SueW Sat 26-Mar-05 12:08:51

jane, there are a fair few threads discussing Nottingham as other people have enquired about moving here.

Try this one for starters!

jane313 Sat 26-Mar-05 12:16:49

thanks, I hadn't seen that one!

jane313 Sat 26-Mar-05 12:25:22

Blimey what great info! I shall certainly be scouring every link if my partner gets the job!

derbymom Sun 27-Mar-05 20:55:32

Has a decision been made about when and where to meet up? Could do Derby if anyone is interested?

madrose Mon 28-Mar-05 20:49:22

hi, live in Derby, I have a 4 week old daughter and desparate to escape the house. Any one fancy a coffee somewhere - anywhere?

DomsMummy Tue 29-Mar-05 09:59:50

Bless, a four week old!! bet you're really busy at the mo! Coffee sounds good, shall we all arrange something for next week?

derbymom Wed 30-Mar-05 22:13:21

Hi what day would be best for everyone next week? Any suggestions of where to go? I live on heatherton (near littleover) but can meet in town.

DomsMummy Fri 01-Apr-05 16:03:18

if we are just meeting for a coffee then Debenhams is quite baby friendly, or if it's a nice day we could go to Markeaton Park? although it's a bit grim atm so probably not such a good idea! wednesday would be nice to break the week up, what does everyone else reckon?

derbymom Fri 01-Apr-05 22:23:05

Wednesday at debenhams sounds good. then maybe venture to the park in a few weeks when the weather is better!!! shall we say about 11?

derbymom Fri 01-Apr-05 22:23:09

Wednesday at debenhams sounds good. then maybe venture to the park in a few weeks when the weather is better!!! shall we say about 11?

derbymom Fri 01-Apr-05 22:24:52

computers.....didn't mean to repeat myself

DomsMummy Sun 03-Apr-05 19:33:42

hi derbymom, yep wednesday at 11 is great, look forward to meeting you and your little one!

is anyone else interested in coming?

DomsMummy Wed 06-Apr-05 08:22:37

Is it possible to rearrange to next weds as we've all got conjunctivitis and colds - it's not a pretty picture!

sorry for the late notice, hope to see you next week x

derbymom Wed 06-Apr-05 08:48:31

yep next wed is fine. hope you all get better soon.

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