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\link{url\description}Any shy, reserved, older Mums from Maidstone?

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skidge Fri 25-Feb-05 12:55:52


I am older Mother from Maidstone. I have an 18 month old son who I realise would benefit from joining a Mother and toddler group. While I wish very much to take him, I am held back by my severe shyness and (to make things worse) I am very reserved as a result.This was me as a child - always the quiet one who held back. I know I come across as unfriendly but inside I am not and I wish I could deal with it. I just find it hard to mix with new people and imagine they will dislike me from the off.

I am constantly nagged by a well meaning granny and aunt telling me I should be taking my son here and there. One of the things said to me was that he would stand out at school as the kid who didn't go to a toddler group, which upset me. I know they are right but I feel I am being "bullied" by them. My ds is (luckily at the moment) naturally very sociable, and I do not want to hold him back.

Please, can anyone help?

peppermint2 Sun 13-Mar-05 20:44:48

Sorry, I'm not from your area,(I live in East Sussex), but I had a few thoughts about your situation(which I totally understand BTW!) Perhaps if you cannot face the thought of attending a Mother and Toddler Group, you could wait until your son is 2 and a half and enrol him at playgroup where he would attend on his own. You could then find out who he likes to play with, and quite legitimately invite the friend around to play with your son.This would allow you to meet the friend's mother on a one to one basis which might feel less daunting. It would be good to choose a playgroup near to the school that you would like him to go to, as he will have a ready made set of friends to start school with and the other parents will be more familiar to you. Hope this helps, and good luck with granny and aunty!

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