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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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Do YOU want to come and party the night away on 29th November???

Do you want to eat good food? drink a lot? dance yourself dizzy?

sign up then!


Nemoandthefishes Mon 15-Sep-08 19:35:03

mmm foooodd..mmmm dancing...

cornsilk Mon 15-Sep-08 19:35:57

mmmm wine....

MerlinsBeard Mon 15-Sep-08 19:47:25

yeah but no grin

Jaamy Tue 16-Sep-08 09:49:20

How many are we so far?

whoops Tue 16-Sep-08 09:51:42

You can book the megabus for this weekend too now! I did mine for £2.50 grin

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 19-Sep-08 18:02:14

roll up roll up for the greatest extravaganza of the year!!!grin

littlesez Sun 21-Sep-08 07:35:12

I want to come but will be 7 months pregnant if anyone else is going who is the same would like to come please ladies! Dont want to be the only one blush
Any idea what the food is? definatley up for getting all dressed up and having girly night with new friends wink

themildmannneredjanitor Sun 21-Sep-08 10:09:01

yes! we know about the food! we have a menu on the website . will find.

cornsilk Sun 21-Sep-08 10:10:42

who was the mumsnetter that said she would co-ordinate people going there together?

themildmannneredjanitor Sun 21-Sep-08 10:43:15

don't remember corsilk.

so glad it wasn't just me going hmm about the other thread.

you understand why i'm a bit miffed don't you?

cornsilk Sun 21-Sep-08 10:44:36

God yes.

SpookyMadMummy Sun 21-Sep-08 11:00:48

Littlesez - I will be about 5 months pg and I am going grin

littlesez Wed 24-Sep-08 15:04:16

How do i book, how much is it and where? also is everyone getting dressed up! I really want to

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