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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Largest MN Meet-up EVER !

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hub2dee Wed 23-Feb-05 18:22:06

Has MN HQ ever considered co-ordinating / organising any BIG meet-ups ?

Might be fun. Might need to be regional. Might be a giant pain in the ass.

I was thinking, for example, an informal picnic in Richmond or Hyde Park this Summer for any London / SE MNers: bring partners, kids, food and a blanket, but all congregate in one spot, and have a blast.

Maybe organise some football / age appropriate stuff for the kids, and maybe an adult something too as an ice breaker to facilitate introductions etc. Keep it simple, informal, short, and when everyone's had a bit of fun we can all drift off and do our own thing: go home, cycle round the park, go for a stroll etc. so it's not an all-dayer IYSWIM.

My eagerly anticipated sproglet uno will hopefully be making an entrance late July / early August, so I might not be the right person to co-ordinate this, or even be able to come along, but it might be a fun idea.

Answers on a postcard.

MrsFROSTgetful Wed 23-Feb-05 18:25:46

are you volunteering to organise it!!!! !!!!

Seriously i LOVE that idea!!!

i am in the west....maybe one could be arranged for Bristol?

Maybe once this thread has enough support you could forward it to Justine/Carrie etc @ mumsnet

lilibet Wed 23-Feb-05 18:29:31

There was a very big meet up in Beety's field last August - another one would be good, but this time when I am not in France

kama Wed 23-Feb-05 18:31:33

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Wed 23-Feb-05 18:34:07

I think dw would think it rather poor timing , but if the concept / instructions are simple, it shouldn't be a big hassle.

Hey, and if I'm doing London <<gulp>> you're doing Bristol <<tee hee hee snigger snigger>>

Picnics are easy to organise aren't they ? I mean, each family unit needs to be kind of self-sufficient, IYSWIM, and you just need a few volunteers to marshall the footy / whatever for the kids ?

<<hey, am I showing my complete ignorance of the black art of child taming here ???? >>

hub2dee Wed 23-Feb-05 18:37:05

Maybe people who have a 'bigger' online presence / more experience are best poised to organise ?

Beety, perhaps, as you suggest <<hey, Beety, 'twasn't me>>

Last year, I think someone called IlanaK (?) organised a Christmas party...

I'm a bloke, with no kids (one on way so we'll be v. pg this Summer) and new to MN, so might not be best...

(but I have got a big gob and a good imagination)

MrsFROSTgetful Wed 23-Feb-05 18:38:16

....all great ideas have small beginnings!!!

anorak Wed 23-Feb-05 18:50:30

I went to the summer party in Beety's field last year - I camped for two nights and met approx 20 other mners and their dhs and children.

There was a big picnic in London last year - I didn't go but I believe there were lots of people.

I've been to other meet-ups with 12 - 15 people at them.

anorak Wed 23-Feb-05 18:51:13

Big meet-ups are great fun BTW. Especially with food and drink that always gets the conversation going.

sallystrawberry Wed 23-Feb-05 18:52:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hub2dee Wed 23-Feb-05 19:57:31

I didn't realise there was a big London picnic last year (I'm new). Was that the Coram Fields thing ?

Numbers could be pretty big, esp. if this is organised / publicised early on, or gets HQ nod. It would be nice also to be flexible with the day - if one Sunday (say) 15th August was raining, we'd put it back a week.

I don't know whether early / mid / late Summer would have impact on who might be able to turn up wrt family hols etc.

sally: this is going to turn into a mini Glastonbury if you camp.

anorak, out of interest, how did meeting the characters from MN in RL change your experience of the site ? The anonymity is obviously one of the key ingredients to the magic. I wonder if 'the feel' would improve / get more boring / be just 'different'... I appreciate that many site users might know a small handful of people in RL (even if only from meet-ups), but it could be very different, if say, 50 - 100 people turned up and got to put a face / dp to the nickname...

mishi1977 Wed 23-Feb-05 20:01:08

the liverpool noard now tend to meet up regularly but there are only about 10 of us..however i would travel further a field to meet arent i that mn is my life..pmsl

CountessDracula Wed 23-Feb-05 20:02:19

We had 23 of us at a SW London one last year. It was great fun

bambi06 Thu 24-Feb-05 13:39:19

i`m up for a giant meet up in summer..keep us informed

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