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London xmas do 22nd Nov - FAVOURITE MUSIC suggestions

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ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:30:13

we can have whatevers being played by the dj downstairs piped up
or we can bring our own playlists on ipod
so CD reckons its a good idea if we each suggest a fave track or two and see if we cant compile a playlist to make us all happy
'course, if we cant, its no biggie, we'll just do something else.

but fwiw my first suggestions are:

Billie Jean (its a classic)
All Night Long, Lionel Richie. cheesy as hell but i LOVE it grin

sallystrawberry Thu 11-Sep-08 23:32:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bubble99 Thu 11-Sep-08 23:33:07

Car wash - Rose Royce.


ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:33:34

'kay, so its going to be memory lane is it? grin

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:33:58

bubble you need to stick in a link so we can judge wink

EyeballsintheSky Thu 11-Sep-08 23:34:12

Come on Eileen or I want my 20 quid back

HarryAndRon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:34:43


<<runs from nappies glares>>

pococonejo Thu 11-Sep-08 23:36:07

We need cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese grin

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:36:38

i may have to get nasty about the wham stuff... wink

specifically what wham track are you thinking of? if we have a deficit of pure cheese (unlikely i feel) it may be possible to squeeze in something <narrows eyes>

sallystrawberry Thu 11-Sep-08 23:36:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:37:30

que es conejo? no recuerdo este palabra.. [and im nosy]

sallystrawberry Thu 11-Sep-08 23:38:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EyeballsintheSky Thu 11-Sep-08 23:38:49

PMSL at the MN 70's/80's bash! Anyone want a record (lol) that was released later than 1989?

HarryAndRon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:38:55

my absolute fave

just like paradise by dave lee roth.

see..........I can have decent taste

<<ponders if people will just laugh and point and say it is proof of sad tastehmmblush>>

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:38:57

pmsl sally

ok, maybe we should have an early on playlist and a pissed as farts playlist... grin [realises she'll be the biggest loser worst and most enthusiastic dancer there after a few]

pococonejo Thu 11-Sep-08 23:40:09

Que? <bemused non-Spanish speaker>

It's littlelapin, am practising being Spanish for when I win the Costa Rica trip wink

sallystrawberry Thu 11-Sep-08 23:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HarryAndRon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:41:00

this wham track


wake me up before you go go!

sallystrawberry Thu 11-Sep-08 23:41:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:41:57

lol - you dopy mare, you could be saying anything! and ive vagely heard of that word, so chances are its rude (hey, i learned spanish in Gib and Ibiza, what can i say??)

ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:42:37

[face falls] oh, it just means little rabbit doesnt it?
oh well...

HarryAndRon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:43:14


sister are doing it for themselves

HarryAndRon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:47:37

this gets people up too


ChupitosGalore Thu 11-Sep-08 23:49:40

oh i could be back on a beach in a bikini and a suntan...

combustiblemelon Thu 11-Sep-08 23:49:57

The spanish for rabbit is quite similar to the spanish for fanjo IIRC.

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