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Any Young Mums/mums to be in Hants/Dorset area?

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tiggerintum Sun 20-Feb-05 18:52:20

Hi there,
I am 19 and expecting my first baby in July, and I dont know anybody!!!! any like situationed people out there????

JoshuasMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 14:38:07


I am 21 and had my first baby on the 21st January. Like you, I dont know anybody. I live in dorset and as yet, have not found any mother and baby groups. What date is your baby due? do you know the sex?

pinklilith Tue 01-Mar-05 09:07:03

I'm 22, my little one is 15 months old this week, I've been the mother and baby group in the local area, but there aren't many mums that actually go and most of my friends don't have children, so I am trying to meet people for myself. I'm in Hampshire, in winchester.

Tommy Tue 01-Mar-05 09:14:32

There seem to be quite a few people on here from Bournemouth, Poole area. I'm in Southampton but a bit older than you lot . Try a search in the archived messages
Good luck and have fun on Mumsnet!

angeldelightk Fri 11-Mar-05 19:00:07

hi im 19 and am expecting my first baby in just under 2 weeks.i live in portsmouth and do not know n e body in the area apart from my looking 2 make some friends.

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 19:01:42

Message withdrawn

jaspersslave Thu 17-Mar-05 14:12:41

hey angeldelightk. i am also 19 and live in portsmouth i have a 5 month old little boy and am wanting to also make friends as i no nobody except my family. it would be nice to hear from you. you can email me at or add me to your msn

charleepeters Thu 17-Mar-05 14:20:50

im 18 and live in emsworth/havant would lvoe to meet anyone near by

Gem1355 Thu 17-Mar-05 20:23:17


I'm 22 and live in havant, expecting my first baby 4th april, and would love to make new friends.

Gem1355 Mon 21-Mar-05 14:07:26

Think i killed this thread!!!

pinklilith Tue 22-Mar-05 08:56:45

It just needs bumping up, you have to be persistant in this place, I am trying to find Winchester mums or Hampshire mums who don't mind travelling now and then.

Gem1355 Tue 22-Mar-05 12:10:49

Hi i don;t mind now and then i love Winchester especially because i love the shopping centre!!!

Gem1355 Thu 24-Mar-05 19:33:26


pinklilith Sat 26-Mar-05 11:59:03

Cool, why don't you join my yahoo group, its a little slow at the moment, but you can see when we are planning nights out and shopping days and stuff.

the is the link

Gem1355 Sat 26-Mar-05 12:10:22


Thanx just joined.

Gem1355 Mon 25-Apr-05 20:25:00


anyone out there?

tiggerintum Thu 28-Apr-05 22:57:57

Hi there, been a bit poorly so not bumped up this one!! Joshuas mummy - where abouts are you?. Baby is due on the 27th July. It would be great if we could all meet up some time, some where, any suggestions??????????????????????

tiggerintum Thu 28-Apr-05 22:59:27

cod-I am also in fordingbridge, I thought I was the only one!!!!

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 09:47:24

Hi where abouts r u based? and whats the best place for you to meet at?

moresleepplease Tue 03-May-05 21:10:51

Hi I have a six week old girl and am based in Poole. Anyone near me??

Gem1355 Fri 06-May-05 20:12:55


beki Fri 06-May-05 20:37:41

Hi all,
I live in west dorset and know a few people and mum's groups and always looking to make new friends!!!
I'm 25 and have a 3yr old son and a 5yr old son and am broody for the next one, just got to convince the hubby!!!!!!!

marne Fri 06-May-05 21:14:54

im 23 i have a 15 month old dd and live in west dorset, trying to persuade dh to have another baby.

beki Fri 06-May-05 21:17:36

Not quite so easy to convince them for another is it?!
Where abouts in west dorset do you live?

marne Fri 06-May-05 21:39:07

Near sherborne. not east at all when dd never sleeps and crys all the time for no reason. Shes hard work at the moment.

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