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South West Mumsnetters?

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ghengis Mon 10-Feb-03 18:49:36

I'm in Exeter, Devon. Are there any Mumsnetters nearby?

Enid Mon 10-Feb-03 18:57:10

I'm in west Dorset.

WideWebWitch Mon 10-Feb-03 19:00:21

I'm in Devon too and up for a meet up sometime.

cas1968 Tue 11-Feb-03 11:14:10


I'm a Devon lass - born in Torbay Hospital, lived in Newton Abbot for two years, then moved to Teignmouth, where my parents still live in the same house. Got married and moved to Exeter, where I worked at County Hall for 13 years, but then returned to Dawlish.

Unfortunately, have moved away and have been living in Rugby for 3 years, but still come "home" regularly.

helenmc Tue 11-Feb-03 19:20:38

i was born inTorquay, lived in Tavistock, Mum< dad and sis live outside Exeter and I'm in the East Midlands and want to go back!!

ghengis Tue 11-Feb-03 19:35:03

Great to 'meet' you all! I'm originally from Dublin but have lived in Devon since 1988. It's a great place to bring up kids. When are you free?

batey Tue 11-Feb-03 19:39:37

I was born and bred in Exeter but now live in Bath, would love to meet up, maybe in the spring??

Enid Tue 11-Feb-03 20:20:30

Yes, I'd definitely be up for another SW meet up, any chance of sobernow and star as well??

bunny2 Tue 11-Feb-03 22:20:48

Im in Dorset but always up for a night out.

cas1968 Wed 12-Feb-03 11:47:46

hi helenmc

Small world, my sis lives in Tavvy and it looks like we live quite close! Whereabouts in the East Midlands are you?


cas1968 Wed 12-Feb-03 11:55:50

hi helenmc

Small world, my sis lives in Tavvy and it looks like we live quite close! Whereabouts in the East Midlands are you?


star Wed 12-Feb-03 16:32:57

Where's it to folks and are we having booze this time?

Podmog Wed 12-Feb-03 17:27:50

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Wed 12-Feb-03 18:45:15

What about Bath again? If it's a weekend when ds goes away I could arrange to meet ex dh there (instead of Gordano) and could probably stay with my sister in Bath. Or is that too far for Exeter and further down people? I could give someone (or 2 people) a life from Exeter to Bath on a Friday and then back again Sat am. Star, sorry I missed the last one, would have been nice to meet you, Enid, Batey and Sobernow. I'm up for an evening with booze if anyone else is.

sobernow Wed 12-Feb-03 18:51:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Wed 12-Feb-03 20:05:36

Bath (obviously!) would be great for me. I've only got Fri 21st free in March, or 4th April, or after Easter.Is that too soon for everyone? How about a meal with our drinks??

Enid Wed 12-Feb-03 20:25:04

Love an evening do, pref with no kids but will bring photos!!! Bath suits me fine. 21st March is good for me.

WideWebWitch Wed 12-Feb-03 20:26:28

I can do 21st March in Bath for supper and drinks?

Caroline5 Wed 12-Feb-03 20:56:34

I live about 45 mins from Bath, so count me in for the 21st!

sobernow Wed 12-Feb-03 20:58:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Wed 12-Feb-03 21:01:59

You've GOT to come Sobernow!! I can do April 4th or 25th. How about everyone else........?

WideWebWitch Wed 12-Feb-03 23:19:25

Can do the 4th April too.

star Thu 13-Feb-03 13:27:22

Be nice to meet you too WWW.April 4th sounds ok for me,better than March.

Enid Thu 13-Feb-03 13:28:54

Can do 4th - actually, who am I kidding? Can do any b****y day (2 kids = no life)

star Thu 13-Feb-03 13:40:00

Enid don't you dare forget those pics of your new bab.

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