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Hi girlies ,anyone live in the SIDCUP,BROMLEY,CHISLEHURST,or surrounding areas

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MrsLoveToChat2U Fri 18-Feb-05 22:09:45

Hi everyone,
Hope your all well and not too exhausted from your day.
This is my first time on mumsnet and it seems abserloutly brilliant. I just wanted to know if there are any mums out there who live in the above areas who may fancy meeting up for a coffee with the little ones.
Im 32 and live in sidcup, I have a 13month old little boy and I am 6 and a half months pregnant carrying a little girl
I recently went to a local toddler group in sidcup but i was shocked to find out how bitchy some of the mums could be. They gave me the once over before i got in the door, nobody came up to me and said a word, they all had their backs towards me and continued to chat and have a coffee. I felt soo awkward which is not like me as i am a very bubbly and confident person 99% of the time?? Also the childrens toys were filthy and as for the floor was another story.I was really dissapointed as i wouldnt take my little boy there again yet i loved the idea of him making new little friends, but just in a cleaner enviroment.
So if anyone is out there who loves tea, coffee or loves to "do lunch" especially with the summer coming up, please let me know.
Take care.

coldtea Sat 19-Feb-05 12:46:40

Hi there , is your son walking? If so i would recommend crook log sports centre they do a mon & tues at 9.30am it's a bit like tumble tots only you dont need to book. It cost £4 for an hour for a non member & they have soft play & gym equipment, trampolining , songs & parachute play. I'm not a toddler group person at all but i've always enjoyed taking my children here it's not clicky & everything is REALLY clean. If you are interested i go on a tues morn with dd who is 18 months. I started taking her at 13 months & she loves it.

coldtea Sat 19-Feb-05 12:48:08

Sorry , i'm assuming you know the sports centre! Just in case you don't it's in Bexleyheath.

MrsLoveToChat2U Sat 19-Feb-05 16:12:55

Hi cold tea,
Sounds good to me.I will go up there this tuesday then. Is it ok if my little boy is not exactly walking yet though? He takes about 5-10 steps then crawls again?
thanks again

coldtea Sat 19-Feb-05 19:47:23

Nikki , just a quickie as i'm on my out! I'll CAT you tomorrow to discuss!

Allycat Sat 19-Feb-05 21:50:27

Hi there MLTC2U and Coldtea
Its great to find a couple of people living in the area. I live in Bromley and have two ds's. One is 6y and the other 6m. I too want to start getting out and about with the little one but he's probably too young for Crook Log. There must be another toddler group in Sidcup. The early years centre in Bromley may know - or should at least know how to find out via Bexley Council. Have you had a look at your local church? They normally have groups at least once a week? I'd definately love to have a chat and tea and biscuits!! If not there's a few this way I'm sure. Shall I find out? Allison

mummytummy Sat 19-Feb-05 22:24:48

Hi, I'm in Swanley, and used to go to loads of groups with DD1 (2.9) before DD2 (10 months) started crawling. Now its too tricky to go to any groups because she won't sit in the buggy for very long without wanting to escape and I can't supervise one crawling and one wanting to use the craft table!! I went to some that were just as you described, but I found some terrific ones in the end - one in The Woodlands in Swanley on a Monday at 10.00 and a few at Whiteoaks in Swanley but they really need to be walking for the Whiteoaks ones. Quite a few of the libraries around here do sing-alongs. Not sure if Sidcup do though. I am struggling to fit in everything at the moment, so probably wouldn't be able to meet up, but I will try and find out some more info for you.

Allycat Sat 19-Feb-05 23:49:25

Thanks Mummytummy. Shame you won't make it if we do meet up. If you change your mind you know where we are!!

MrsLoveToChat2U Sun 20-Feb-05 09:27:51

Hi honeys,
Thanks for your messages. Hope you are all ok.Thats the trouble i think i may have at the moment, that my db is not walking yet.taking about 10 steps then falling over, hopefully it wont be long now though.Then i can go to a variety of places by the sounds of it.
I know this sounds crazy but I sometimes feel like i just want a little peice of my life back. {So i know where i am going from day to day or more or less} rather than think shall i got to bluewater today or bexleyheath shopping or The glades.just for something to do.
There is only so much shopping a girl can do especially when im not a millionairess.So to be able to wake up and know that on tuesday db and I will be going to this playgroup and on thursday we will be going to that playgroup will certainly feel like i will have a little bit of structure back into my week.Thanks to you gorgeous ladies out there advising me where to go.
Who knows maybe if any of us do meet up we could do little picnic days over danson park in the summer with babies, dbs and dds.
Oh well must go, db needs some cuddles.xx
bye for now.xx

coldtea Sun 20-Feb-05 13:14:10

MLTC2U - I can't CAT you as your member profile is set not to receive messages. If you CAT me (Contact Another Talker) at the top of this page you can send me your address and i'll send mine back to you by email. You need to alter your member profile to enable others to contact you.

socialite Mon 21-Feb-05 19:58:51

Hi, I may have joined this thread too late to be involved in your meet up but if you are still planning one I would be really interested!! I have a ds who is also 13 months, we go to a few places but are always open to more suggestions. I love being a mum but I also love being me and spending time with adults and having a laugh...I understand MLTC2U, it can be very hard to make friends at groups and takes a lot of perseverance but if you are planning anything soon then pls CAT me, I live in Orpington!!

coldtea Mon 21-Feb-05 20:04:27

Hi socilite, must get off here as Dh is getting the hump!!It has been post-poned as MLTC2U felt ds was too young , will keep an eye out though & maybe we can arrange something soon.

lozinkent Tue 22-Feb-05 09:53:55

Hello all
Hope you don't mind me joining in! I live in Bexley and have a 10 month old son. Not walking (or crawling for that matter!) so that cuts out a lot of the groups we can go to and like others have found many mother and baby groups to be very clicky.
Would love to meet other mums as going a bit stir crazy at the mo so if anyone fancies lunch or coffee let me know!

coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 10:25:57

Would love to meet up for coffee , but am having trouble thinking of somewhere we could meet which would keep dd amused! She won't sit in a pushcair for long! If anyone has any ideas , i'm interested.........

Xena Tue 22-Feb-05 10:38:57

Can I join you I live in Eltham not too far?

coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 11:37:49

Hi Xena , of course! The more the merrier any ideas where? Can't do anything this week , Dd woke up with conjunctivitus(sp?) have just come back from the doctors with antibiotics & eye drops .

coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 11:47:53

Xena fogot to ask how old is your child/children-pure nosiness!

Xena Tue 22-Feb-05 11:49:10

Hi CT DS7 DD3 and DD7 months

Xena Tue 22-Feb-05 11:49:35


coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 12:03:15

Ds 4(5 in June) Dd 19 months(on thursday!)
Any ideas of possible meet up places? I just can't think of anywhere i can amuse dd whilst still feeling relaxed......

Xena Tue 22-Feb-05 12:05:15

we went to toddlers world in Greenwich which was good is that too far for you?

Marina Tue 22-Feb-05 12:06:22

Have fun all I work full time outside the home but live in New Eltham so know the area well. Xena, I think our children are just TOO close by to be penfriends, LOL!
Thanks for the Crook Log tip coldtea, I tend not to work school hols so can take dd there in the vacations.

Marina Tue 22-Feb-05 12:06:52

dd's godmother raves about the new Gymboree facility in Greenwich High Road...

coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 12:09:26

I wouldn't have a clue how to get there!! Am happy to go to a play area but prob not so good for those with crawling babies. We need a child friendly cafe or something similar

coldtea Tue 22-Feb-05 12:11:29

Marina , sadly it doesn't run during the holidays .

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