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any sahm near stevenage with small toddlers/babies??

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nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 16:57:26

hi all,
i am a 25 yo sahm with dd aged 15 months, and also 39+ weeks pg with no2, looking to make friends and meet other mums in the area as we are fairly new to stevenage, would love to meet up and go to castaway kids, or the park etc with other mums in this area.
speak soon,

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 17:23:42

my sister is in stevenage, am in welwyn GC myself but am having my baby at lister next week. maybe see you in dacre ward

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:03:11

have you got a date yet misdee?? i hope i am not in lister too long, (hate being in hospital) but it would be nice to meet some other mummies!!!

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:04:08

i go in on monday. am being induced. look for a huge tommy hilfiger bag if u're there mon/tues.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:30:28

oh good luck,
i am so scared of being induced, ( cons not really keen as i am a vbac) and i am also determined to avoid an instrumental delivery/epidural, am currently trying everything to hurry this baby up!!!
my date by periods was 17th, but my scan date is 20th!!

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:32:13

am being indeuced as have gestional diabetes, by scan date i'm due the 27th, LMP by 4th march, so this oen will be early, tho estimate on weight is around 7lb.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:35:00

my midwife said yesterday she thinks dd is around 7 1/2 lbs, she attempted a sweep but cervix is still closed :-(

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:36:20

ah well. the lister is really good tho. i am avoiding the QE2 as had bad birth experience with dd1 there, dd 2 was born at lister and i couldnt fault them really. they were fabulous. how long u been in stevenage?

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:39:37

been in stevenage since august, but still haven't really met anyone, ( come from cheshunt originally) i had dd1 at qe2, had a great time really, just found it really hard to rest on the ward after

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:40:48

plus lister is only 5 mins from my house so is a lot more convienient if i do have to stay in for dh and dd

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:42:28

u in the old town area then? lovely round there. i used to live in shephall.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:46:59

nope, we are on chells, just next to fairlands park

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:47:54

ah the other side of the lakes. what made you move from cheshunt?

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:48:39

seems like quite a nice area though, pretty quiet,we aren't near the shops, they seem a bit iffy, whereabouts is your sister?

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:51:29

she is also in shephall. has a dd who is 2years old.

took dd2 to kastaway kids the other week, she loves it, but gets scared if dd1 isnt with her. will take them again after bubs is born. also have another sister in wgc, she has 3 kids.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 22:56:41

dd1 loves castaway kids, , she really enjoys playing with other children, very sociable, i just usually end up a paranoid reck with all the older kids playing in the babies area, they are so boisterous and the mums never seem to bother telling them not to play in there, dd nearly got really hurt once, so i a m waiting till after half term to again, staff really annoy me though they don't seem to supervise very well and always blame it on shortages, maybe i am just being over protective, but i don't think it is fairwhen the little ones can't have free reign over their are because bigger kids are being kids!!

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 22:58:19

nightmare. u see me yelling at older kids to get back in their area. its says ages 2-5 for a reason!

roll on when the older kids are at school.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 23:01:15

tell me about it, but don't you just feel such a grouch for telling other peoples kids off???
i reall think the staff should put more effort in grrrr

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 23:03:32

its up to the parents to supervise tho. i had fun tring toget round the middle play area with dd2 witha huge bump the other week. must have beena sight lol.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 23:05:34

god i don't even attempt it lol!!!
must have been a sight though!!!
i found toddler world in broxbourne quite good, tends to be very quiet most of the time, an my friend crawls up the tunnels with our littleuns!!!!

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 23:09:28

i sometimes go to toddler world at the galleria in hatfield, and theres a new softplay in wgc, jungle kids or soemthign that we want to try as well.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 23:12:46

definately have to try and meet up once our bubba are here!! hopefully i'll have a natural birth and not a c-sec, be able to drive sooner!!
really must go to bed now, baby is beating me up!!! nice chatting, lets talk soon xxxx

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 23:13:52

night. hope you sleep well. am off to bed as well.

nbsmum Fri 18-Feb-05 23:16:18

ok misdee, take care, and good luck if i don't speak to you before monday!!

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