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Calling any Aussie mums living in London!

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TROUBLE1 Thu 17-Feb-05 09:07:35

Hi, just wanted to know if there are aussie mums around? I relocated to London from Sydney after meeting my English DH. Have a 9 month DS and would like to meet some other mums in london as I'm here for the long haul. Most of my Aussie friends that were here moved back to OZ years ago and sometimes I feel like I'm losing touch with my roots! I would really like my DS to have some Aussie influence in his life.

I feel like I'm relying on my daily dose of Neighbours to help me remember my origins! Also having a huge craving for lamingtons (not sure if I've spelt it correctly ), does anyone have a good recipe?

We are travelling to OZ when DS will be 14 months, would love to hear any good tips!

eidsvold Sat 19-Feb-05 21:32:03

trouble - think I found the recipe online from australian woman's weekly recipe site or something like that.

AM sure you know the aussie shop in covent garden - great supplies for an aussie fix.

If you do a search about long haul flying with babies and others re travel to AUstralia - you will find lots of threads.

i too married a pom but have brought him and our dd1 back to aus..dd2 was born about 4 months after we arrived. lived in essex for 4 yrs.

i am sure there is also an aussie mums in the UK thread..... sorry haven't time to search for it for you....

TROUBLE1 Mon 21-Feb-05 13:09:11

Oh my god I almost forgot about Womens Weekly

DecafArabica Mon 21-Feb-05 19:59:02

Hi Trouble1. Not from Oz but lived there a while (Stanmore, NSW). We went to Tescos the other day and found they had a fabulous range of...TimTams! When I lived in Oz they were my favourite bikkie.

eidsvold Mon 21-Feb-05 21:25:20

yes decaf - they do and have vegemite as well.

Trouble if you can't get to the aussie shop in covent garden - they are online and they deliver

DecafArabica Tue 22-Feb-05 00:59:57

Bleeeeargh, vegemite!!!! I loved Australia. But not THAT much.

eidsvold Tue 22-Feb-05 06:32:27

nothing like vegemite and butter on toast.... yummy. Even english dh loves it.... having said that my very aussie mum cannot stand it either.

slug Tue 22-Feb-05 14:41:02

You can find lamingtons at Borough Market every Saturday in the cake stall that usually stands next to the Mexican food guy. Just follow the sound of Australasian accents.

Mmmm vegimite...(Homor Simpson drool) In our house it's known as 'Mummy Marmite' and I am training my child to like it better than the English stuff. (Not an Aussie by the way, a Kiwi)

TROUBLE1 Tue 22-Feb-05 16:11:11

You can get Milo at Sainsbury's but it does taste different? I didn't know about the Australia shop was online I will have to check that out. I I really miss chicken salt on my chips and I'm pretty sure they do it? DH thinks chicken salt is disgusting and they should keep it in Autralia! You know you can get Vegemite in a handy travel tube now [g]

Wheres borough market slug?

slug Wed 23-Feb-05 10:55:16

Right next to Southwalk Cathedral, London Bridge is a 2 minute walk away. It runs on Friday afternoons (though I didn't see the lamington lady last time I was there on a Friday) and Saturday. DON'T take a buggy, it gets really crowded.

TROUBLE1 Thu 24-Feb-05 13:18:22

Thanks slug, I will try and check it out.

You know I'm really surprised about the lack of response for Aussie mums in London, I thought there would be loads! I realise your a Kiwi, do you have many Kiwi friends here or are they mainly English? I always get mistaken for a Kiwi - don't worry it doesn't bother me

scully Thu 31-Mar-05 13:52:34

I only just saw this thread, don't always get the chance at work to have a good look at the different threads..... I'm from Brisbane (via Melbourne), have been here 10yrs, am married to a Sth African and have dd who is amost 3. We plan to return to Australia at the end of next year, but no one there believes me, considering I was only leaving for a 1 yr trip I'm impressed to hear about the lamingtons at Borough market, didn't know about that! Given the prices at the Australia shop, might be an idea to get some nice family or friends to send over a care package every now and then - I still miss violet crumbles and cheese twisties after this long!!

eidsvold Fri 01-Apr-05 06:43:34

my miss was cherry ripes.,.. missed them so bad - a student's parent brought some back for me when I was teaching said student in the Uk and they had been to aus for a holiday. I almost fell on it and attacked it as cookie monster would cookies - rather undignified teacher behaviour

jackeroo Fri 01-Apr-05 21:07:51

i'm half aussie - grew up there but was born in uk. i've been back in uk for about 8 years (thought i was coming for a year, met hubbie, had DS almost 10 months ago)... want to move back one day (sydney was home - bondi most recently)... i love the aussie shop in covent garden but it's so pricey... cheese twisties are my fave...

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