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wirral based

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Von73wirral Wed 20-Aug-08 19:49:17

Hi are there any single mum's in the Wirral area? New to all these boards so thought I would ask

cherrylips Wed 20-Aug-08 21:10:28

Wirral based married mom here!! I'm pretty sure that there are Wirral based mums that attend the Liverpool meet ups. Dont know if any of them are single.

How old are your kids?

Von73wirral Thu 21-Aug-08 20:08:24

Hi there, I have a 17 year old daughter who has a 16 month old baby and my son is 12.

morocco Thu 21-Aug-08 20:09:31

(waves to cherrylips)

cherrylips Fri 22-Aug-08 18:34:24

Waves back to Morocco! Hope to see you and dc's after the hols. Will send you your sunnie's and my 3 in a Bed book to you tomorrow!!

Von73wirral, my ds is 4 and dd is 2. Do you spend lots of time in Play Planet at Seacombe Ferry with your daughter and grandson? If so, you may see me there!! Favourite haunt of my two on rainy August days. smile

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