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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Inverness Meet-up Thursday 18th September at Bumbles Playcentre

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Flier Mon 18-Aug-08 11:11:30


say 10.30?

If you'd like to come along, please post here.

Flier Mon 18-Aug-08 13:27:02

first and last bump for this

[signs up]

mamadiva Tue 19-Aug-08 11:55:24

Thanks for the new thread mine kind of descended into chaos LOL.

Is anyone else getting the bus/train? I just need to know if it's close by train/bus station. I'll have to gte a taxi from either if it's not right next to it or I'm on my own because I have no clue where I'm going LOL. Anyone know if it's atleast not mahoosive taxi bill form station?

Flier Tue 19-Aug-08 16:29:16

mamadiva are you in forres?

mamadiva Tue 19-Aug-08 18:09:24

Hey Flier I'm in Elgin. I can get the train to Forres but I'm not sure how to get to Bumbles from there.

Flier Tue 19-Aug-08 18:47:24

mamadive, does this help? bus from Elgin to Brodie (which is pretty much where bumbles is). Was there not another mumsnetter that lived near you? though I remembered something from anotehr thread?

mamadiva Wed 20-Aug-08 02:16:35

I'm not sure if there's another MNer here I haven't seen anything.

Thanks for that be the buses I must check up on it to be sure.

Where's everyone else gone? Chickened out? grin

Twinklemegan Wed 20-Aug-08 21:15:54

Can't do Thursdays, sorry smile. I did say...

Flier Wed 20-Aug-08 21:31:26

I did ask in th eother thread for everyone to state what days and places they could do......
So, would everyone be able to meet up on Friday 19th September at Bumbles?????

grin Friday will be fine (I hope, yet to book the time off ... blush)

Twinklemegan Wed 20-Aug-08 21:44:50

Oops blush - must have missed that one. Sorry!

Friday would be fine I think - I'll have to check my work diary but I can confirm tomorrow. smile

cheekyz Thu 21-Aug-08 16:42:33

Hi, Im new to mumsnet, would like to come along

Flier Fri 22-Aug-08 10:19:25

Hi cheekyz, welcome!
The more the merrier grin Can you get to Bumbles ok? How old is your ds?

cheekyz Mon 25-Aug-08 12:10:28

Hey, my ds is 8 months. Yes I have a car but might get a bit lost!(grin)

Flier Mon 25-Aug-08 13:03:10

okay, so we have the following people meeting at bumbles on Friday 19th September


any more?

OK, bit of bumpage and a confirmation of my attendance (unless my boss has a mad moment betwen now and then)

Am I officially forbidden from chickening out as of now?

Flier Tue 26-Aug-08 07:42:24

absolutely IARCFB. No chickening from henceforth grin

IAteDavinaForDinner Wed 27-Aug-08 09:57:02

Where did Wallace go? Wasn't she thinking about coming on the old thread?

Flier Thu 28-Aug-08 18:46:56

where did you go Wallace? Any others interested?

IAteDavinaForDinner Fri 29-Aug-08 23:36:32


IAteDavinaForDinner Tue 02-Sep-08 20:56:14

Bumping (again) because it keeps falling off my list

Flier Fri 05-Sep-08 17:43:45

bump for me

IAteDavinaForDinner Sun 07-Sep-08 13:22:04

Aaaand again ... are we all still on for this (and remembering it's the Friday, not the Thursday, now!)?

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