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Watford/Barnet/Herts Evenin out - 24th February

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melsy Thu 10-Feb-05 18:36:38

Ok yes norty me , should have started this an age ago . Please excuse my tardyness as have been stressin bout stuff in RL.

How is Thursday 24th Feb for everyone ??
Venue Robin Hood pub the ridegway Enfield???
Time: 8:00 ???

Let me know for booking

melsy Thu 10-Feb-05 22:39:35

Im hoping that no one is around tonight, otherwise someones gonna get a complex !

melsy Fri 11-Feb-05 10:08:20

bumpy bumpy

Kayleigh Fri 11-Feb-05 10:13:45

hello, i can't do 24th. Am already out weds and fri that week and there is no way i can do three night in a row. Sorry.

melsy Fri 11-Feb-05 10:41:35

As you werent able to make the last one cos of cold ,we can always move it to the week after,3rd March??

Kayleigh Fri 11-Feb-05 10:54:09

melsy - i am really busy in the few weeks up to easter. as it is a short term we have loads of stuff on at school and i am doing a lot of prep for that plus i already have some social things diarised. I can't do week of 3rd or following week at all. Can do any night w/c 14th march though ! Really sorry - so if you want to go head with 24th please do.

anorak Fri 11-Feb-05 18:44:23

I can do.

Kayleigh Fri 11-Feb-05 18:44:52

hello anorak, fancy seeing you here

melsy Fri 11-Feb-05 19:08:53

Lovely anorak , will keep 24th as planned , so come on north london girlies WERE ARE YOU ????????

We could also do another one w/c 14th march , if someone wants to organise. Does it mean I have to see you all more than twice in 3-4 weeks !!!!!!!!!!.

melsy Fri 11-Feb-05 19:10:16

gawd Im just crap with DSOH sometimes in the written text(& probably in the spoken too!!). That was supposed to read more than ONCE DOH DOH !!

melsy Mon 14-Feb-05 19:05:37

bump for any one else ???????????????

Christie Mon 14-Feb-05 19:54:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

99redballoons Mon 21-Feb-05 13:46:40

Hi Melsy, sorry sorry sorry... have only just had the chance to spend a brief moment on MN and remembered I still hadn't replied to this. 'Fraid I'm out the wed, fri & sat of that week, so can't really make the 24th either , but would def be up for the w/c mar 14th if that happens. It would be really good to come over to somewhere near you for a change!

[it's karen99 if you hadn't guessed.. decided to change once and for all]

99redballoons Mon 21-Feb-05 13:47:44

Forgot to say... Helllooooo everyone ! Hope you're all keeping well.

anorak Mon 21-Feb-05 13:59:36

Looks like it is only you and I who can make the 24th, melsy. Shall we try another date?

Kayleigh Mon 21-Feb-05 14:04:45

99redballoons, love the new nickname

melsy Tue 22-Feb-05 10:17:38

Hi 99redballoons!!!

yeah looks like we should re arrange aye anorak !! SOOOOOOOOOOOO How is Thursday 17th March for all ?????????????? If not I GIVE UP !!!

Kayleigh Tue 22-Feb-05 10:31:40

it's good for me - but melsy you'll need to start a new thread because of the date in the title of this one

99redballoons Wed 23-Feb-05 09:04:25

I must admit it was mudda who gave the inspiration for my new name many many months ago...

Will check the calendar Melsy and let you know on the new thread..

anorak Wed 23-Feb-05 09:19:07

melsy, that is St Patrick's day and my dh is a paddy so I have to go out with him and pretend guinness is lovely and diddley-dee songs are great that night. Sorry. Please don't give up.

99redballoons Thu 03-Mar-05 15:14:35

so what are we going to do then girls? new date, new thread?

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