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Mother and Toddler Groups in North London

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marz Wed 29-Jan-03 09:30:54

Hi, I wonder if anyone can recommend any "nice" mother and toddler groups in North London, specifically N7, NW1, or thereabouts.... my dd is 15 months and I feel like I should be making more effort to get her into a group of some kind....and am suffering from a bit of shyness too!!
Thanks in advance!

tomps Wed 29-Jan-03 10:13:09 lists several groups in N7 - don't know them - I'm further east than you. Can recommend 'Very Little people make music' - if Highbury Fields/ Clissold Park / Crouch End not too far (details on Toddler Time website). Is NW1 Camden ? Your borough council should be able to send you an Early Years pack with details of nurseries, mother toddler groups, toy libraries etc in your area. Also look in local libraries for fliers. Swimming groups are nice for meeting mums and fun for babies too. Good luck.

Sparks Wed 29-Jan-03 14:22:22

OK, it's probably N19, but the Mitford Centre have mum and toddler groups most mornings. My dd is in nursery now, but loved going there when she was smaller. It's on Mitford Road near Sussex Way. Phone number 7272 4319.

Janus Wed 29-Jan-03 22:16:43

Oh Marz, I left N7 last September and went to a few lovely classes. Particularly recommend Monkey Music at Primrose Hill, followed by a walk in the park, I used to go to the Monday class at 2.20pm and everyone was lovely and I'm sure some are still going! Another friend did Tic Tock in Upper Street and really, really, likes it so that would be worth looking at. I did Crechendo just off the Essex Road in Islington too, all kids seem to love it, not as friendly but as I said kids seem to love it. Swimming classes on a Friday at Highbury pool was always a big hit too. I also joined Regent Park zoo (about £30 for a year) which is a good way to spend a couple of hours when you've run out of ideas! I always liked anything run at the Active Birth Centre too in Archway but I stopped going when mine was around 9 months just because I was doing other things, if they had a class for your daughter's age group I would consider that too.
Mm, miss Holloway now! Enjoy!

webmum Thu 30-Jan-03 13:53:53

marz your baby clinic, or GP surgery should have details of mother and toddler groups as well.

billiejo Fri 15-Oct-04 13:56:32

Hello, I'm new to this board . I live in North london N17 and Im desperately looking to find some good mums and baby groups ( my little boy is nearly 10 months) . I feel that he's missing out on mixing with other babies at the mo, we go swimming in crouch end , which he LOVES!! and we used to go to gymboree on upper st , but to be honest that was just a bit too far away and a bit too expensive.

Hope that someone might know of some thing in the crouch end / stroud green / highgate / muswell hill area.

many thanks,

Tracey,x ps am a bit shy!!

welshmum Fri 15-Oct-04 13:59:44

Marz are you in a sure start area? if you're in N7 you're almost bound to be. In which case there are loads more good groups you can go to too. Can you say roughly where you live? I'm in Holloway

suzywong Fri 15-Oct-04 14:03:16


there is a good tots and toddlers group at the Cholmley Evangelical Church on Archway Road between Suicide Bridge and Highgate Tube.

I think you may have to go on a waiting list but give them a call, it used to be called something like Noah's Ark, also Jackson's Lane arts centre opposite the tube on Archway road has a lot going on, a good music one IIRC

Also try Lauderdale House at Waterlow Park over on Highgate HIll.


bakedpotato Fri 15-Oct-04 14:23:43

there are tick tock music groups in both muswell hill and crouch end.
there's a website with details if you google

Glors Mon 20-Aug-07 20:30:32


There is a group called Tumble Tots at Muswell Hill which seem to be good by the look of their website. I will be taking my DD in the next session which begins in Sept but she is 2 so she may be in a different group.

Worth a try!!!

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