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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Boomerang - Melksham - ANYONE????

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jessicasmummy Tue 08-Feb-05 21:41:48

Sign up here!

MistressMary Tue 08-Feb-05 21:42:06


jessicasmummy Tue 08-Feb-05 21:42:50

Tuesdays are good for me..... as are mondays, wednesdays and fridays!!!

MistressMary Tue 08-Feb-05 21:51:22

Hehe, Well I'm free most days too.

MistressMary Tue 08-Feb-05 22:36:13

Bumped up for Jemimah and anyone eles who fancies this.

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 09:06:44

Early morning bump!!!

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 10:08:21

Mid morning drink bump.

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 13:02:53

Here is the 1 o clock bump!

SuzfromWilts Wed 09-Feb-05 14:19:58

So are you two in Melksham? I'm in Calne so not too far away!

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 14:31:41

Hello Im in melksham, hello Suz.
Calne is not too far away, your welcome to sign up.

SuzfromWilts Wed 09-Feb-05 14:37:42

Cool, when are we talking? I'm away all next week but will keep an eye out if you're all arranging a meetup after then.

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:39:01

i think next week is a bit soon.... how about 1st March?

im in Warminster but going to brave Melksham!!!

SuzfromWilts Wed 09-Feb-05 14:43:40

Would it be during school hours?

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:46:13

oh god yeah!!! Probably about 2ish i suspect!

SuzfromWilts Wed 09-Feb-05 14:50:47

lol. Well I've got one uot of school and one at so would have to work round school runs obviously. My youngest is 2, my eldest; 5.

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 14:51:05

is that a date? 1st march is free here.

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 14:51:28

or any other times?

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:52:25

ok, shall we say 1st march, boomerang and to make it easier - 1pm????

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:53:24

ill be back tonight to check up!

SuzfromWilts Wed 09-Feb-05 14:55:11

I'll have tok investigate buses and the like but definetly intered, could doing with letting youngest loose to wreak havoc somewhere other than my house.

MistressMary Wed 09-Feb-05 15:05:47

Yep good enough here too.

jessicasmummy Wed 09-Feb-05 22:13:39

Night time bump!!!!

MistressMary Thu 10-Feb-05 11:53:03

Boogie beebies bump.

jessicasmummy Thu 10-Feb-05 11:54:32

where is little rach??????

MistressMary Thu 10-Feb-05 12:03:09

and serioulsy celibate too....?

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