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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

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PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 10:39:01

I work part time, and I am constantly looking for ways to meet people as I dont have many friends. But all toddler groups seem to be in the morning. If there were groups say at 1.30 to 2.30 in the afternoon do you think people would be interested it it?

hayleylou Mon 07-Feb-05 10:40:49

Where abouts are you?

Kelly1978 Mon 07-Feb-05 10:41:15

We had a few afternoon groups where I used to live. They were usually quite tho - I think the majority of toddlers still need afternoon naps.

Kelly1978 Mon 07-Feb-05 10:41:37

sorry should read - usually quiet

Cadbury Mon 07-Feb-05 10:43:06

Hiya, I run a group in Walderslade that runs from 12.15 to 2pm. We all bring a packed lunch and eat together before we get the toys and activities going. I can't remember where you said you were but you'd be welcome to pop along to that if you can.

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 10:45:26

I live in Herne Bay, but pick the ds up from nursery at 1.30 and other ds from school at 3pm. Walderslade is a bit far, thanks anyway.

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 10:45:57

I have put DS but mean DD I am still getting used to this way of writing. "doh"

Cadbury Mon 07-Feb-05 10:48:22

Ws it you that had a relative living near me?

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 10:50:06

Yes it is,my sister lives up there she has two school children, I think she now works fulltime. She doesnt really do group things anyway.

Cadbury Mon 07-Feb-05 10:52:08

Ah. Talk to Fio2. She's in your area and would know about the need for such groups in the area. I'll send her a message to look in this direction.

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 10:58:35

I think I have just got to get out more, maybe got to soft play places regularly etc. But it is so hard.

Cadbury Mon 07-Feb-05 11:02:06

I know, getting out of the house requires fine prescision planning and at least 2 hours to make it happen.
Your local council or the health visitors will have a list of parent ad toddler groups and things like that.

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 11:06:48

I did get that list when I first moved down here but everything is in the morning, and I am off on a Monday and Friday afternoon. It does make it harder because of the school pick up. But I am going to try and find something.

chocfreeclary Mon 07-Feb-05 11:10:41

pink webby i don't know where you are but our local council runs a great pre-school gym class mornigns and afternoons (on a monday and friday, as it happens!).
Might there be somethign like that in your area? It's only three-quarters of an hour (that's plenty!) so fits in well around naps etc.

PinkWebby Mon 07-Feb-05 11:14:45

Unfortunately Canterbury leisure centre runs one three times a week in the mornings and Herne Bay run it 1.30 to 2.30 which really is not good as it is too far away, as I need it by the DDs school in Canterbury. I dont mean to keep putting blocks in my way but there is no way I can rearrange my work.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 09-Feb-05 13:43:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkWebby Wed 09-Feb-05 14:33:29

The new soft play opens up at the end of the month, so I will find out, the library is a good one thought so will loook into that. Not sure where the Kingsgate leisure centre is, I know Kingsmead (is that it?)

Thanks for that.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:35:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 09-Feb-05 14:40:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkWebby Wed 09-Feb-05 14:40:49

That would be great, it is very kind of you.

PinkWebby Wed 09-Feb-05 14:49:04

Just had a look, and for her age it is in the morning, which is a shame, but when she is older she could go. I am looking into the library but their website is having problems, Iwill have to pop in and ask instead.

Thanks again

grumpyfrumpy Wed 09-Feb-05 17:57:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkWebby Thu 10-Feb-05 10:03:22

Wow that looks really good. How does your friend find out about these classes?

grumpyfrumpy Thu 10-Feb-05 14:08:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FineFigureFio Mon 14-Feb-05 07:35:37

PinkWebby, I am in herne bay
My health visitor gave me a list of mother and toddler groups, playschools and nureseries to go to. i have only been to the one at christchurch and that is in the morning and co-incides with ds's nursery and we have been to the hippodrome but women tend to sit in their groups so IMo not an easy way to make friends. Horsebridge do a few classes in an afternoon, art and signing i think, there is a Jo Jingles in Whitstable aswell. Christchurch are setting a new dance class for 3 -7 yr olds too I was thinking of sending my two

How old are your kids? I have a 5yr old dd and 3 yr old ds. I dont know many people in Herne bay either and could only make an afternoon group too!

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