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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone fancy going to Chester Zoo/Blue Reef?

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LuckySalem Mon 07-Jul-08 19:10:08

I'm lonely and need some friends. Thought I'd made a break through when I saw the North Wales meet up but as pointed out that was nearly 2 years ago..

So anyways I propose a meetup at either Chester Zoo or Blue Reef (Cheshire Oaks) anyone interested?

stoppinattwo Mon 07-Jul-08 21:51:49

blue planet grin

Aww Im game luckysalem....some of the other liverpool lot might pay a visit too XX

ps chester zoo is better...can have the whole day there smile

charliecat Mon 07-Jul-08 21:52:30

i have vouchers 1 child free with 2 adults if you want them?

TotalChaos Mon 07-Jul-08 21:54:56

yeah I'm game for Chester Zoo.

LuckySalem Mon 07-Jul-08 21:56:43

Ooops - I knew what I meant!!! [grin[

Charlie - My DD is only 6 months so she should be free in most places but there may be someone on here who'd like them. Thanks

Oh so I have 2 possible friends so far (I'm not a stalker honestly wink)

charliecat Mon 07-Jul-08 21:57:36


Slubberdegullion Mon 07-Jul-08 21:57:47

I'll do the zoo. I'm a member winkgrin

LuckySalem Mon 07-Jul-08 22:05:23

Oh I'm so excited. SO when's everyone free?

I was thinking next month as I'm gonna be abit skint this month but can bug all my avon customers to try and make extra money for next month grin

anyone want some avon? grin

TotalChaos Mon 07-Jul-08 22:08:17

Not free:
August 5,6,7,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19

LuckySalem Mon 07-Jul-08 22:09:39

Wow TC you're busy girl!! grin

As far as I know at the moment I can't do Tues/Weds/Thursday's cos that's when I see my family in the week

RedFraggle Tue 02-Sep-08 19:11:30

Is this still in the pipeline? If so I would love to come too....

RedFraggle Wed 03-Sep-08 10:35:39

Maybe not...

<tumbleweed drifts past>

stoppinattwo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:42:13

RF Im frre at weekends, I work all week you see, saturday afternoons are best atm ad DS plays footie saturday morning. smile

RedFraggle Thu 04-Sep-08 17:49:45

woo hoo! There is still life in this thread. I am only free on weekends towards the end of September now - but that might be best from a planning perspective!
I could do the 20th or the 27th of September.

Anyone else fancy a mumsnet trip to the zoo?!

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