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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any mums in the Falkirk area?

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Kerrie1986 Mon 31-Jan-05 19:20:44

Hi i'm 18 and a single mum to my dd whos 15 mnths. I'm also expecting my 2nd baby on 7th March. Anyone want to chat my add is

Aimsmum Mon 31-Jan-05 19:24:00

Message withdrawn

charliecat Mon 31-Jan-05 19:25:04

I used to live in Falkirk so just saying hello!!

gscrym Sun 06-Feb-05 19:57:30

I'm in Stenhousemuir. There are a few falkirk area mums on here, you just have to catch them at the right time

welshgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 12:44:56

Hi, am living near Falkirk, with a 3 year old daughter, anyone else near me??h

tassis Tue 22-Feb-05 13:34:23

Hi Kerrie and welshgirl. THere's a bunch of us planning a meet up in Stirling next month if you fancy joining us. Post here again if you can't find the thread and I'll see if I can do a link.

Toothache Tue 22-Feb-05 13:37:00

I'm in Falkirk too!

Can't make the meetup next month though.... unless it's been moved to a Wednesday or Sunday???

[hopeful emoticon]

Kerrie1986 - Welcome to MN!

welshgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 16:02:42

I'd love to come along, can you give me the link for it please??? Thanks a million.

ja9 Tue 22-Feb-05 18:19:33

stirling for coffee

welshgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 19:56:48

Many thanks for that ja9, have checked it out, and hopefully if it's later in the afternoon I can make it, I work til lunchtime on a Friday.

Kerrie1986 Tue 12-Jul-05 13:19:39

Hiya, i haven't been on for a while now. I had another little girl in 15th of march and Shantels now 22mnth. If anyone fancy's a chat my new email add is hope to speak soon

Toothache Tue 12-Jul-05 14:11:08


Aimsmum Tue 12-Jul-05 14:43:04

Message withdrawn

kizzy0872 Sat 16-Jul-05 15:47:57

My name is Christine and I saw that some of you live in the Falkirk Area. I have recently been appointed as Co-ordinator for a Community Resource Centre over in the Bonnybridge Area of Falkirk and one of my first aims is to start up a Mum and Toddler/Parent Support Group. My experience of these groups hasn't been great, I remember them feeling a bit like an outsider, the core of the group just getting on with it while the new mums watched on a bit nervous and shy. I would like to blow that stereotype out of the water and get together mums who are all new and wanting to make a real success of the group, working on the decor of the room, funding for outings and reading, health eating initiatives. I have a real vision for what it could be and would love if like-minded mums would be interested in joining experiences and skills to build a strong community of parents. As you can probably tell, I am outgoing, a bit mouthy and extremely enthusiastic and hope that through this website and a few other sources I could get together a strong foundation for a group. I am already preparing a funding application for a home-reading initiative where we could get funds for a book loan scheme!!!

If you are interested at all, maybe you could email me on If not, no problem, I understand it may not be very close to where you live as Falkirks a big old place! Thanks for listening to my whitterings anyway.

Best wishes.
Christine Kinnon

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