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EAST DULWICH & Surrounds

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DulwichCommunitySchools Sun 30-Jan-05 13:44:16

Dulwich Community Schools
invite you to a
Bring & Buy Sale
in aid of
Tsunami Relief*

5th February*
to 12pm

Please help your local community raise money to help rebuild lives in SE Asia

We need you to Bring and Buy:
- unwanted christmas presents
- new and used bric-a-brac
- home made cakes

all proceeds to The Disasters Emergency Committee

Help Us to Make a Difference
East Dulwich Community Centre , Darrell Road
(next door to Dulwich Medical Centre)

DulwichCommunitySchools Sun 30-Jan-05 17:54:41


DulwichCommunitySchools Mon 31-Jan-05 08:22:57

bumping this again

If you see this and are in the area could you give it a bump please (if you think you might come along it would be great too)

thank you (& yes I'm a regular poster)

Twiglett Thu 03-Feb-05 16:03:28

nobody else going to this then???

motherinferior Thu 03-Feb-05 16:13:51

Will be making cake for DD1's party!

Frieda Thu 03-Feb-05 16:20:41

Where do we bring our bric a brac? Can we take it to the community centre beforehand? (not sure we're going to be free on Sat morning)

BTW, I'm assuming 12pm means noon, not midnight?

Frieda Thu 03-Feb-05 17:57:13


I'd love to donate some stuff if someone can tell me where to bring it.

DulwichCommunitySchools Thu 03-Feb-05 18:15:56

Thanks for bumping. Glad this finally got some attention

Frieda, you can bring items along to the community centre on Friday at 10am to 12pm (yes that definitely means noon, midnight is 12am I hope )as there will be volunteers doing some sorting out of donations. Otherwise could you give them to someone else to bring. We actually have lots of donations so far it is really important we get people, and their wallets, down there to buy so please spread the word.

MotherInferior, an almost acceptable excuse , and happy birthday to your DD. There will be a cake sale on the day, maybe you could pick up some instead of making them yourself, just a thought

aloha Thu 03-Feb-05 18:54:29

I will try... honest!

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