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Worcestershire sauce, anyone?

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Rats Sat 29-Jan-05 20:41:46

Just moved to worcester - don't know anyone, but would love to meet mums who don't think with their uterus (there ARE other topics of conversation although, I must admit, since having two children I can't for the life of me remember what any of them are...), love the odd (or even!) G&T and were perhaps wild childs before mother hood got the better of them.... Rachelx

Gumdrop Sun 30-Jan-05 16:13:55

Hi Rats

I moved to Evesham (about 10miles away) in October 2004. My dd's are at school in Worcester, so I'm in and out every day .....but I work full time. As a result of this latter item, I require G&Ts at frequent intervals!

There are a couple of Worcesterites - NomdePLume, who might be NameChangingMancMidlander now, Ailsa, Georgina??

Whereabouts are you roughly - in the town or surrounding areas?

Casmie Sun 30-Jan-05 16:30:00

Ooo... yes, sorry missed this! AND we're well overdue for a Worcester pub meetup. Send us a CAT Rats

(poster formerly known as GeorginaA)

Socci Sun 30-Jan-05 16:39:25

Message withdrawn

Ailsa Mon 31-Jan-05 13:02:36

Ooh! Definately overdue a Worcester pub night out Casmie. Was just thinking about that at the weekend.

Rats Mon 31-Jan-05 14:53:30

Message withdrawn

Ailsa Mon 31-Jan-05 19:52:16

Hi Rats, I'm also in central worcester, Barbourne, where are you?

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 31-Jan-05 19:54:58

Helllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

I'm also in Worcester . On the Villages, trapped in suburbia

Up for a drink or 5.

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 31-Jan-05 19:56:30

We could go for a bite in Ask and then head into town for a drink or several ?

Or we could meet at the Nightingale / Swan at Whittington for a more sedate evening.

Casmie Mon 31-Jan-05 20:16:51

As long as it's at least a couple of weeks away I'm up for that, because I still feel like death warmed up at the moment.

Besides you lot will enjoy it more if I'm out of hacking cough stage

Casmie Mon 31-Jan-05 20:17:33

A Nightingale meet appeals if we want to do a meal thing.

I like sedate

Ailsa Mon 31-Jan-05 20:18:00

As long as it's not midweek NCMM - you know what happened to me last time. Fridays or Saturdays for town drinking for me from now on!!

Ailsa Mon 31-Jan-05 20:19:27

What about Chimi Changa's - anyone tried it yet?

Rats Mon 31-Jan-05 20:45:05

Oh wow, it looks as if there's a chance I might find a thread of a life here! Chimi Changas, Nightingales...don't know any of these places, but if there's a drink or two involved I'm in (don't want it to sound as if I'm TOO much of an old soak...). Live Fort Royal Hill area, just off London Road so anywhere in town is easy for me. Just require two weeks notice so I can try to get partner to rota himself accordingly to look after the kids! So, who's going to take the bull by the horns and set a date? Beginning of March is good for me! Right, off to bed (yes, THIS early - kids (affectionately known as Bastard Squad) gave me a generous 1.5hrs sleep last night....yawn). Will check your replies tomorrow! Rachel x

Rats Mon 31-Jan-05 20:47:14

P.S Casmie - sedate sounds good to me. Followed by sedated, of course (much prefer a prescription of red wine over a good meal to nasty shots of something lethal down the local pub...)

Oliviab Mon 31-Jan-05 21:55:31

Crashing this thread totally (live in Southampton!) and being really cheeky but... my brother runs Platform 8 toy and coffee shop in Upton-upon-Severn which has a kiddies area too if you wanted to meet up in the daytime. Hope you don't mind, saw the thread title and thought it might suit you guys. Will probably be kicked off mumsnet now!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 12:30:16

Swan at Whittington does GORGEOUS food, but it a bit more expensive than the Nightingale (which is on the Evesham Rd).

Never been to Chimi Changas but Mexican isn't my fave cuisine (I'm assuming it's Mex given the name!).

PMSL @ 'You know what happened last time'. Oh yes, Ailsa. Indeed I do

RATS Just to warn you, that you may want to email and have your mobile number and email deleted off here. The last thing you want is for some weirdo to be surfing and come across your personal contact details <shudder>. If you want anyone to email you then they can do it via the 'contact another talker' (CAT) link at the top of this page

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 12:31:05

that should be

Ailsa Tue 01-Feb-05 12:39:41

Weeks beginning 14th Feb or 7th mar are best for me due to dh's shifts. Try to ask MIL to babysit as little as poss. I already have more of a social life than her!!!!!!!!!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 12:40:57

As usual I can do pretty much any day apart from Mon & Weds as they are DH's badminton nights

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 12:41:30

P.S. Socci, I can give you a lift if you're stuck

Gumdrop Tue 01-Feb-05 13:10:50


Can I, as your local yokel, come along? I promise to pick all the straw out of my hair, and not wear my wellies.

How about a Friday, 11th March? The Feb week mentioned is half term, and I've just invited an ex school friend each of my dd's (dear daughters) to come and play. So after a full day of 4 of them + schlepping up to B'ham to drop them off at home, might be a little fraught by Friday 17th evening!

I'll eat anything not still moving, so completely at your command re location.

Hopefully see you soon!

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 13:11:52

PMSL ! So long as you promise not to turn up on your Combine Harvester .

Gumdrop Tue 01-Feb-05 13:19:15

As my D would say, Aaaaaawwwww. Busted!

Just have to go in my very mundane Focus then - got rid of the Landy when we moved down here.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 13:20:08

Oi ! I have a mumdane Focus too

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