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Febbers visit Egg! (Hants)

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Gill79 Wed 25-Jun-08 23:25:20

Right. If the lady in question does not mind an invasion let's have a look at paying her a visit.

Thursdays are the best day since her DS1 is in nursery.

Train from Waterloo takes 55 mins. I would suggest we leave after 10 (after peak fares if poss) and avoiding rush hour in London.

Egg - suggested dates are:

July 17th
July 24th
July 31st
August 7th

Let us know if any of those are good or bad and then let's see who can make what dates.

tyaca Wed 25-Jun-08 23:52:43

this is pitiful, i can do all of 'em wink.

Egg Thu 26-Jun-08 10:19:20

Bloody hell. Was going to say I can do all the dates but find I am actually busy on THREE of them (I am never busy!).

17th is no good as DS1 has sports day [ahhh how cute emoticon]

24th is no good as my sis is coming to stay

31st is my bday, so I imagine my parents will pop down then, but will check as if not would be lovely to meet up on my bday as otherwise I will be all alone.

7 August is fine though (but seems ages away)

Would be soooo nice to see you both, and anyone else that can make it.

Now, would you prefer to come to the house, so therefore we have everything on hand (nappies, wipes, spare clothes, changing things, milk, pureed cack, cots blaa blaa blaa) or would you prefer to meet at a park somewhere? I guess it depends on weather, so we can decide nearer the time. If it is peeing down you may as well come here than us all get drenched, but if sunny might be nice to go to the park for a picnic?

tyaca Thu 26-Jun-08 11:18:47

misread your things-at-house lists and saw "pureed crack" hmm. shall we say 7th but keep an open mind about the 31st, just in case. strong dd - she's just manged to pull her monkey off playmobile. seems to have shattered her world-view tho' - she's not happy about it. off i go

Egg Thu 26-Jun-08 11:44:27

Mmmm yes, pureed crack sounds great right now

<<<Disclaimer: I have never ever sampled crack and never will, but am having a cack day so anything that takes me out of my body in some way sounds tempting (but not that tempting>>>

7th will go in the diary. My mum is coming to stay tonight so will ask her at lunch what her plans are.


Gill79 Thu 26-Jun-08 19:13:46

Cool - both 7th and 31st now in my diary depending on your plans. For birthday or post birthday celebrations! We shall have to have a glass of bubbly to mark the occasion.

I'm pretty flexible re where we meet - can carry everything we need so happy to meet out in the park or something. What about you Tyaca? Basically as far as I'm concerned whatever is easiest for Egg. The only constraint is I will just have Maclaren with me so no car seat, so will need to be somewhere reasonable walking distance or doable by bus from the station.

tyaca Thu 26-Jun-08 19:50:15

park would be lovely - i too am fairly portable. dd on the other hand had been getting increasingly mardy on extended trips in baby bjorn sad.... yup, anywhere near station would be good. which station btw?

sarahmikeharryandrosie Thu 26-Jun-08 21:51:17

i would love to come ladies but i am in the midlands ===

Egg Fri 27-Jun-08 15:20:25

Come on Sarah, it's not faaaaar wink.

Station is Winchester. My house is 10 min walk from station, or nice park also about 10 mins walk from station. Easy walk, bit of a hill back to station but fine unless you have a heavy double buggy or are heavily pregnant (or so I found...).

I think we should plan to meet in park and have a nice picnic (and champagne...), and if it pees down we can come here instead with our picnic food.

Dropdeadfred Fri 27-Jun-08 15:26:03

Egg - this is your stalker you have been missed on The Z thread....grin

Egg Fri 27-Jun-08 15:40:15

Hello Fred, I have been over now, I popped here first as knew this msg would be a quickie!!!

Bessie123 Sat 28-Jun-08 06:27:44

Would like to come, if that's ok - what day is 7 August?

Egg Sat 28-Jun-08 08:59:44

Hello Bessie of course you can come! Everyone is welcome, you are all so lovely for even considering coming down to see us.

7 August is a Thursday. Hope it's a good day for you to visit too! There are lots of nice green bits we can go and picnic at.

Got to jump in bath while DTs are actually both asleep at same time.

Bessie123 Mon 30-Jun-08 18:30:53

Oh, dd has baby swimming on thursdays, so I won't be able to come sad. I can only really do Tuesdays. Hope you all have fun. x

Egg Thu 03-Jul-08 16:12:07

Oh sad. I can do Tuesdays but only if you all came here as really don't think I can go out for any length of time with all three DC, and tbh I think poor DS1 would not be happy with even MORE babies than his own!

beansprout Sat 05-Jul-08 21:32:51

(whispers) Can I come too?! smile

Egg Sun 06-Jul-08 14:00:59

YAY Beany I would love it if you could come too grin. The more the merrier in my opinion!

tyaca Sun 06-Jul-08 23:07:02

oh hurrah! bean too! this is v exciting. have my route from deepest darkest croydon to waterloo already planned. hoping the winchester bit takes care of itself.
bessie - would us wetting our babies heads woth bubbly work in leiu of a daisy's weekly swim?? <adopts mrs doyles voice> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon grin ...

Egg Mon 07-Jul-08 10:19:48

We have lots of rivers here Bessie grin. Lots of swimming opportunities!

I know how you feel though, I hated missing DS1's swimming as it seemed to set him back a bit if he went 2 weeks without a swim (now he rarely goes and does not like to go underwater etc, when he used to love it).

So we have ME, Gill, Tyaca, Beany and prob not Bessie...

I think Ginger is nearish to here, can try to entice her over to this thread as she will have stopped work by then, and her older DDs are self sufficient, ie she wont have to worry about bringing them etc.

gingermumi Mon 07-Jul-08 11:53:45

Would love to come! dd1 lives with boyfriend now (student accomodation was tooooo scuzy for her !) and is on work placement then anyway and dd2 is definitely self suffiecient.

It will be so cool to put put faces to names! Winchester is about 40 mins drive for me, not a problem - i used to go there twice a week for uni!

Is it 7th august?

Egg Mon 07-Jul-08 11:57:10

7th August looks the winner at the mo. Glad you can come too! If it is easier you can drive to my house to park car, although might be easier to park in town if we do go for a picnic type thing. Will work it out nearer the time.


Egg Mon 07-Jul-08 12:01:42

Tyaca, it might be easier for you to get train from Croydon to Clapham Junction and jump on a train there. It would mean you might not be on same train as the others as not all trains from Waterloo to Winchester stop (some are fast and Winchester is first stop, some stop at Clapham and something like Basingstoke as well).

Worth checking out anyway.

tyaca Mon 07-Jul-08 16:26:34

ty for transport tip off. will check out the trains and if the slower train not too much slower, may see if i can coerce others into getting same train as me.

gingermumi Mon 07-Jul-08 17:22:00

ty- if you book in advance it's often cheaper, found this out when dd2 wanted to go to Bath Chrimbo Market with boyfriend- was about £10.00 each cheaper, depends when you book and the availability of the tickets.

tyaca Mon 07-Jul-08 18:34:26

oooh, gill FYI the quickest train is 57min and doesnt stop at clapham junction, but the second quickest only takes 3min more and does stop at clapham. god, you prob SO dont care but am quite excited grin.

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