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Anyone in NW Kent??

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lozinkent Fri 28-Jan-05 10:06:50

Hi I'm Laura, 26, and live in Bexley with my 9 month old. Any other mums out there from the area who know about any good mum and toddler groups etc or fancy meeting up?

golds Fri 28-Jan-05 10:12:30

I'm not, but my SIL lives in Bexley, I'll ask her, I think she used to go to ones at the local leisure centre (don't know name, but the one on the main road just up from DeJaVu) and Joydens Wood Community centre ? I'll see if I can find out for you.

lozinkent Fri 28-Jan-05 10:17:24

That would be great - thanks so much.

Emelia Fri 28-Jan-05 14:39:37

Hi Laura, i'm in Bexleyheath & go to a great one at crook log sports centre. It's expensive at £4 for a non member(£3/member) but it's structured with play , trampolining , songs & parachute games. I don't find it clicky at all & the nice thing is you don't feel uncomfortable if you're not talking to anyone as you as you need to interact with your little one lots. The only negative is it's best if your child is walking. Other than that (i'm not really a toodler group person!) i believe there is one at geddes place on a monday might be worth ringing.

Emelia Fri 28-Jan-05 14:40:43

meant toddler!

mummytummy Fri 28-Jan-05 15:00:52

Hi, I'm in Swanley, and the groups I go to are more geared to my 2 year old rather than my 9 month old. I know that the local libraries around here have a free nursery rhyme session. I think your nearest is Bexleyheath which I think is on a Friday morning. There is one at Swanley library on a Thursday at 11.00, but I usually miss that because I go to Whale of a Time on a Thursday morning. I used to go to one at Geddes Place which was very good, that was on a Thursday, but I think it has finished now. There is one there on a Monday and I think one on a Wednesday.

Emelia Fri 28-Jan-05 18:24:51

Bexleyheath library is closed at the moment the friday morning used to be great ds used to love it. Only found out last friday when i power marched dd there to discover that.

anglemummy Fri 11-Feb-05 11:15:34

Hi Im Andrea 26 I have a 21 month old little girl and live in welling and would love to meet up with mums in my area or hear from anyone who knows of any todler groups for wed,fri

coldtea Fri 11-Feb-05 12:58:15

Hi andrea , there is one starting in 4 mins! Seriously , Crook log sports centre do one at 1pm for under 2 1/2's. I'm around most days for a meet up have ds (4) & dd 18 months.

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