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mmmmchocolate Thu 27-Jan-05 23:08:03

Any new mums in brentwood know of any activities or groups i could attend with my 5 month old dd? thank you x

starry Fri 28-Jan-05 16:53:39

Oooo, I used to live in Brentwood! I used to take my ds to 'Bambinos' from about 8 months even though they welcome you from birt to 5 years. It was absolutely brilliant. By far the best mother and baby/toddler group I have ever been to. They had loads - from playmats etc for newborns right up to a miniture bouncy castle for the older ones ad everyone was so freindly it was lovely. Problem is I left 3 years ago but I presume they are stil going. It was held at the hall opposite the big Ford car showroom if that makes any sense? Run by 2 mums and was £2. a sessin and worth every penny. MAybe if you asked your health visitor or childrens service they wil know the exact address as I have forgotton. I just want to recommend it because it was brilliant Keys Hall rings a bell? Sorry I can't be more specific butif it comes to me I shall post again.

starry Fri 28-Jan-05 16:58:24

Sorry! Me again! I remembered!

It was Keys Hall, Eagle Way, Warley. I used to drive there obviously no maybe no good if you don't have transport.

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