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Are any of you MN fans in or around croydon?

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fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 12:55:29

Just wondering if I am the only one in the area with a non-sleeping 10mth old?

Poshpaws Thu 27-Jan-05 12:56:52

Theres loads of them one here! I was born and bred in Croydon, now live in Sutton.

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:58:53

I dont have the non sleeping 10mnth old (yet) but I am in Croydon.

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:01:24

Thank goodness and here was me thinking I was the only one, im in Thornton Heath but know sutton quite well.

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:02:39

Thorton heath is just down the road from me, I'm in west croydon. Have you just the one child?

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:03:57

Kelly1978 when you say not yet does that mean your pg or do you have an angel that sleeps well?

Poshpaws Thu 27-Jan-05 13:04:12

I have a non-sleeping 3 yr old and a 6 month bump!

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:06:12

I have two angels, ds 2 and dd 4 who have slept perfectly since 6 weeks old. I also have a 30 wk bump, and I'm betting I'm not going to get it that easy this time!

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:08:46

OMG? I used to live at w.croydon to!!!!!
yes I only have one & believe me thats more than enough.

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:10:41

I've only been here since July, moved from Norfolk. Still finding my way round here! I got enough already too, but accidents happen

Any idea why ur baby still nto sleeping thru then?

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:11:48

poshpaws, when r u due? r u going to be having urs in mayday?

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:25:32

Wish I knew.
But im going to sainsburys later to get some "bed-time milk" which was advized by another MN fan earlier on. You might want to get somr to Poshpaws.

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:29:51

Oh & excuse me if im being a bit thick, but I am very new to MN, So could someone tell me what dd & ds actually stands for

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:30:26

Good luck with the bedtime milk. Is s/he still waking up for feeds then?

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:30:47

dear daughter / dear son

Kelly1978 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:31:36

If you look near the top, there is a link for an acronym list alongside 'useful stuff'

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 13:40:16

Oh yeah thanx 4 that, in that case then I have a ds. Any way must dash got loads to do 2day i'll be back later].

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 21:06:36

dd has just gone down which is amazing,so Ithought i'd come on MN & c if there is any one else from in & around croydon

essbee Thu 27-Jan-05 21:08:01

Message withdrawn

Moomina Thu 27-Jan-05 21:19:41

Yes, come on you lot, come out for a Meal Based Around The Traditional Cuisines Of China (pc, aren't I?!) or essbee will have to share her prawn crackers just with me, poor thing

fimblesfan Thu 27-Jan-05 21:29:50

Sorry, can't do anything for at least 2 weeks cos i am starting a professional sleep program for my ds on monday as he is 10 mnths & still doesn't sleep,but apparently he will be in 2 weeks so maybe then if your up 4 it.

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