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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

New mums near Hemel Hempstead?

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youcannotbeserious Thu 19-Jun-08 15:07:51

Just wondering if anyone fancied meeting up.

I live just outside Hemel and have a 5WO DS...

Just looking to meet some new mums in the area and maybe join a mums and babies group...

My local Mums and Toddlers doesn't accept kids younger than 6months old!!

WriggleJiggle Thu 19-Jun-08 21:11:25

Hi there, I'm not too far away from you. There a 'Beds, Bucks and Herts' thread around some where. I think they're planning a Tring meet up some time soon.

Alambil Fri 20-Jun-08 00:36:37

Hi YCNBS - I'm in Hemel but have a 5yr old DS

youcannotbeserious Fri 20-Jun-08 12:25:34

Hey, I'm not ageist!! grin

If you ever fancy a coffee.....

theSuburbanDryad Fri 20-Jun-08 12:29:02

Hiya YCBS! I live in Chesham and would love to meet up - but my ds is 17 months. Would be lovely to see a tiny baby though!

youcannotbeserious Fri 20-Jun-08 13:37:36

That would be great if you fancy meeting for coffee?

I'm about all week, but weekends are busy...

theSuburbanDryad Fri 20-Jun-08 18:12:25

Whereabouts are you YCBS? I could do a lunchtime meet in Chesham on Monday, Tuesday or Friday (working) or any time, anywhere Wed or Thurs!

youcannotbeserious Fri 20-Jun-08 18:33:37

I'm actually in CHipperfield, so not too far away, but would make sense to meet on Wed or Thurs....

Alambil Fri 20-Jun-08 22:55:07

the three of us could meet, if you want? or 4 if wiggle's still in?

I'm around any time other than tuesdays mostly - don't work and can drive

youcannotbeserious Mon 23-Jun-08 15:50:59

more the merrier for me grin

bucksmum Wed 25-Jun-08 22:05:58

I'm in Chesham too although work all week although always up for a meet up in the pub babysitters permitting. Or happy for a glass of wine and curry at my house

theSuburbanDryad Wed 25-Jun-08 22:06:54

Ooh ooh wine and curry at your place sounds good!! wink

bucksmum Wed 25-Jun-08 22:30:05

Let me know when is good, although happy to bring wine and curry with me if anyone else has babysitting issues as have live in babysitter if needed

theSuburbanDryad Thu 26-Jun-08 07:43:32

i can pretty much do any weekend...i also have a live in babysitter!! wink

youcannotbeserious Thu 26-Jun-08 13:06:46

flip - how envy am i????

my DH works away so it's just me and my baby...

AbstractMouse Thu 26-Jun-08 13:08:28

I'm in Rickmansworth, which is on the bus line to Hemel lol

theSuburbanDryad Thu 26-Jun-08 17:45:30

Abstract - I was in Rickmansworth the other day!

AbstractMouse Thu 26-Jun-08 17:57:32

Lol surburban dryad, we probably passed each other I'm always in rickmansworth, it's so bloody boring.

AbstractMouse Thu 26-Jun-08 17:59:21

I'd be up for a meet in chesham or wherever, don't even know where tring is (I'm not a native)

theSuburbanDryad Thu 26-Jun-08 17:59:39

If you were anywhere near the Dolland & Aitchison opticians we probably did! wink

theSuburbanDryad Thu 26-Jun-08 18:00:38



youcannotbeserious Thu 26-Jun-08 22:09:11

Cheese and Ham land is good for me!

AbstractMouse Fri 27-Jun-08 21:19:40

God have I killed this thread too, come back people. grin

southeastastra Fri 27-Jun-08 21:20:27

i live near hemel but im not a new mum grin

AbstractMouse Fri 27-Jun-08 22:06:10

I'm not a new mum either, gah, where are you from sea?

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