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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

WORCESTER meet up - time for another

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mistressmiggins Tue 17-Jun-08 20:14:11

Having bumped into Furball at my local leisure centre, we agreed it must be time for another...
thankfully Furball shouted my RL name as "hello Miggins" would have been v embarrassing grin
was nice to see her DS that she talks about in the flesh!

so when is everyone free?

I take it Whittington Swan as usual.


Fri 4th July
Fri 1st Aug

To be honest, cos of summer holidays and kids, I cant make any others so if these dont suit, feel free to suggest others grin

just starting the ball rolling....

Furball Tue 17-Jun-08 22:25:43

twas funny MM cos I was looking at you thinking 'I know you' then it clicked then I had to dig deep for your RL name. You looked fab!

1st August better for me.

mistressmiggins Tue 17-Jun-08 22:36:42

I had just come from work so looked my best - working mummy rather than casual mummy grin

Furball Wed 18-Jun-08 08:57:20

yoohooo everybody!

cmotdibbler Wed 18-Jun-08 09:02:19

1st of August is good for me - shall make that date in my diary now before anyone tries to send me away then.

I could do the 4th of July too, but am going to the Royal Show that day so might be v scruffy and dead of feet.

Furball Wed 18-Jun-08 10:37:59


Washersaurus Wed 18-Jun-08 10:58:41

I'm pretty sure I can do either dates [glances at totally empty calendar]..Yep, I'm free grin

<waves washable nappy at cmotdibbler> I knew I recognised your name from somewhere on MN. I didn't realise you were in Worcs too!

cmotdibbler Wed 18-Jun-08 11:06:56

Me too. I do that ooh where do I know that name from thing.

If you want, your're welcome to come over and try nappies on your DS to see if they work.

LunarSea Wed 18-Jun-08 12:24:40

August better for me.

AttilaTheAntiHun Wed 18-Jun-08 19:12:19

Great stuff, would be up for this.

Free most fridays except the end day of term. Might be going on hols but not booked yet.

(Slouchy here)

TurkishDeelite Wed 18-Jun-08 19:44:11

Ah- both dates no good. We got friends visiting from the 3rd till the 5th and I am off to Turkey for 6 weeks AS SOON AS THE SCHOOLS CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washersaurus Wed 18-Jun-08 21:20:00

That is very kind of you cmotdibbler; are you actually in Worcester? I don't drive y'see and maintain my fantastic physique <arf> by walking everywhere with my huge pushchair (and occasionally cadging lifts off DH) grin

cmotdibbler Wed 18-Jun-08 21:41:29

I'm in Pershore. Actually I have to go into Worcester on Friday afternoon to take my lovely FatFace dress back as it has disintegrated after 6 weeks (and I can't face arguing on a Saturday), so we could meet then if you fancied it ?

Washersaurus Wed 18-Jun-08 22:12:25

Gosh, it would be a long walk to Pershore grin. Unfortunately, I have to take DS2 (with DS1 in tow) to see the HV for his 10 month development check on Friday afternoon at 1.30pm (I can't wait hmm).

Depending on what time you are coming to Worcester, I suppose I could meet you before to pay/collect nappies etc. I might not be able to take the Yoyo and/or Wacky wrap though as I'm a bit short of funds sad

cmotdibbler Wed 18-Jun-08 22:19:33

That'll be a joyous occasion then ! DS had his two year check the other week and refused to speak to the HV at all.

I can do whatever time would be good for you - I work from home and would be skiving off for a bit to pop over

Washersaurus Wed 18-Jun-08 22:34:16

Well I don't imagine that DS2 will be 'performing' for the HV either tbh. DS1 will probably be performing though; the clown that he is grin.

I'm rubbish at making decisions - I'm not sure what time to say; I will have to do their lunch at around 12/12.30ish, and I suppose we will definitely be finished with HV by 3pm.

Would you like to meet in town or are you willing to brave my filthy tiny messy home?

Itsthawooluff Thu 19-Jun-08 11:22:36

OOOOoooh a meet up, checks diary - dammit, we are on hols, so will have to wait for autumn one sad. Have a great evening, and get me a virtual bread and butter pudding please.

HonorMatopoeia Thu 19-Jun-08 13:00:22

Hi ladies, I'm afraid sheer lack of funds means I'm not going to be able to make this one sad. I may look at the menu on the net though and imagine what I could be eating!! I'll be with you in spirit!

Furball Thu 19-Jun-08 14:18:18

need to track down


who else?

Furball Thu 19-Jun-08 14:18:43

sad wooluffy and honor not being able to go

BettySpaghetti Thu 19-Jun-08 16:10:59

Found you all. Thanks furball for tracking me down -I never think to look in the meet up section.

I can do Aug 1st (but not 4th July)

katie3677 Thu 19-Jun-08 16:18:58

Am I allowed to join in? I officially live in Herefordshire, but postal address is Worcestershire - does that count??? There never seem to be any Hfd meet ups so would be up for swopping counties for the sheer fun of it!

TillyScoutsmum Thu 19-Jun-08 16:21:56

Hello ladies - definitely up for this one - either days are good for me ..

Will put 1st August in for now as that seems to be the most popular at the mo

stealthsquiggle Thu 19-Jun-08 16:24:54

Where are you proposing to meet up

..or I could think about planning a Worc/Herefordshire borders meetup with Katie, except that it is a very long and wiggly border and she may in fact be hours away from me

BettySpaghetti Thu 19-Jun-08 16:27:06

tillyscoutsmum -glad you can make this one.

Katie3677-of course you can come (I mean, that furball one is from Gloucestershire but she still comes!)

In fact I live about 200m from the Herefordshire border so only just in Worcestershire. Whereabouts are you? (don't worry if you don't want to say on here -we can compare notes at the meet-up)

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