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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Edinburgh FESTIVAL meet up

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nailpolish Mon 09-Jun-08 11:54:06

i have a suggeestion

tel me if you like it or not

havent put much thought into this mind - just heard it on the radio there



prettybird Mon 09-Jun-08 13:49:04

Are yuo sure they'll let you in NP - it does says for over 18s only, so yuo'll need to remember to bring yuor ID! wink

Looks a good idea.

prettybird Tue 10-Jun-08 10:33:13

Anyone interested?

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 10:36:28

am def interested BUT am due on 30th July - do you think that would be cutting it a bit fine?!?!?!

a la Edith Bowman?!?!? grinwink

prettybird Tue 10-Jun-08 10:44:35

Maybe a bit fine dizzydixies! grin

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 10:45:23

<<sigh>> thought so sadwink
enjoy ladies, have a BIG one for me

nailpolish Tue 10-Jun-08 15:41:33

nope of course you are not smile

if you have a tiny babe in arms we will have a daytime meet up = like fringe sunday or something

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 18:08:34

lol @ tiny babe - my last one was >11lb shock

prettybird Tue 10-Jun-08 18:14:56

Ouch! grin

gomez Wed 11-Jun-08 20:58:25

Sounds fab - I am on holiday sorry sad

PS found out today passed all my exams, quite well actually, so am well chuffed!

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 08:08:01

Yayy Gomez,well done you brainy bird you!!!
Brilliant that you did so well xx

I am free on the 9th so count me in.

Come on you lot who can make it???

Pruners Thu 12-Jun-08 08:11:28

Message withdrawn

Pruners Thu 12-Jun-08 08:12:06

Message withdrawn

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 08:13:36

Ah no Pruners that would be such a shame if both you and Gomez can't come.

I am free only because ds1 hasn't put in for his holidays yet and prob won't get the same hols as us. We therefore can't go away as we would be leaving him here alone. There's no bloody chance of that lol

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 09:30:47

im not going on holiday at all so im always free

havent been on holiday since my honeymoon sad

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 09:32:52

ah and gomez well done

well chuffed

enjoy the break now!

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 09:39:15

NP don't suppose you like Bon Jovi do you?

Is the wine tasting going ahead?

prettybird Thu 12-Jun-08 09:40:33

Congratulations Gomez

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 09:45:59

no the wine tasting is fucking cancelled. miserable buggers at the school didnt buy a single ticket

they were all moaning the other day cos the school trip is £8

i felt like saying to them if they bothered to get involved in fundraising stuff that I bust a gut trying to organise then the school trip would have been free. i did a sponsored bounce for the whole school and raised £1100 - if i hadnt there wouldnt be a fecking school trip at all

<rant over>

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 09:46:36

yes bon jovi are ok

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 09:49:56

God miserable buggers right enough!!

DH's supervisor is selling 2 tickets for Bon Jovi at Hampden on the 21st of this month. Are you free? I was really into them when i was young. £60 for the two tickets?

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 09:53:22

oh agalch thanks but i dont think i could afford it

im not sure i would enjoy it either blush sorry babe

i now owe you thirty quid!

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 10:05:33

I am not sure i would enjoy it either actually lol. DH wanted me to go cos i have been a miserable cow with PMT.

Don't worry about the £30 either. I'll see you at the Festival meet up if not before x

nailpolish Thu 12-Jun-08 10:10:57

hopefully before

let me know when you ahve a saturday free (dytime)

aGalChangedHerName Thu 12-Jun-08 10:16:06

Lol i am free 99% of Saturdays as DH works. You let me know if you are free x

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