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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any Mums in the north of Liverpool / Southport/Ormskirk Area around??

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andyrobo237 Wed 28-May-08 19:44:25

Well as there is a Liverpool thread, I would see if I could start a 'North Liverpool' thread for those on the borders with Lancashire!

I live in Maghull and have two kiddies - DD is 6 and bordering on teenage attitude and DS is 15 months and a rebel!

I work 4 days a week!

stoppinattwo Wed 28-May-08 20:05:54

and she is a lovely lovely person...I can vouch for her XXXX not that that is necessarily a good reference hmm

lulumama Wed 28-May-08 20:06:27

i might know someone wink

stoppinattwo Wed 28-May-08 20:32:16

yeah as long as there are no motorways involved......... EVEN BIGGER wink

andyrobo237 Wed 28-May-08 20:33:45

Motorways?? Is that a nudge to Lulumama?? Or am I being dense?? SA2 I emailed you today at work and it had the audacity to tell me you were on holiday!!

schneebly Wed 28-May-08 20:33:49

Hello! I am in Southport and work in Scarisbrick smile

andyrobo237 Wed 28-May-08 20:36:16

Ooh - well that makes three of us now (i am ignoring SA2 who I know very well and is on the wrong side of the M57!!)

lulumama Thu 29-May-08 07:49:00

i live near schneebly. or she lives near me. i am not a huge fan of motorways, but for the right person, i;ll chance it ! wink grin

stoppinattwo Thu 29-May-08 08:07:24


lulumama Thu 29-May-08 08:08:30

kidding ! <<hopes i have not hurt sa2's feelings>> <<gibbers with fear>>

stoppinattwo Thu 29-May-08 08:32:04

lolol...lulu <<MWAH MWAH......>>>

lulumama Thu 29-May-08 09:58:41

thank gawd [phew]

trish86 Mon 29-Sep-08 21:36:17

hi im trish im in lancashire, skelmersdale. im looking to make friends with other mums. i have a daughter 19months and im 23weeks pregnant. if your interested in a chat and possibly meet up get back to me.x

pgwithnumber3 Mon 29-Sep-08 21:38:52

Ohh resurrected old thread! I live in Southport - if you are a nanny offering your services for free 5 days a week, feel free to email me! grin

andyrobo - I am from Maghull (Lydiate) originally.

Geoffoire Mon 18-Jul-11 15:17:07

Hi all you busy mums, are you looking for cleaning, gardening or general repair? call Geoff , Martin mere domestic services 01704 889926 mob 0776 1961 345. references on request, satisfaction guaranteed.

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