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pre school

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maria1966 Wed 19-Jan-05 02:08:37

Hi,just wondering if anyone else having problem with agrophobia and has children that need to go to pre school/school?
My DS is 3 qand a half and should be going to pre school mornings but my agrophobia is a real problem at the moment and can't seem to take him.
He has been going some of the time and the school is really understanding with my problem.I try to make up for it by cooking,painting etc at home with him but have an over riding guilt feeling about this most days.My DH is at work and do not have any one else to help me out so the burden is on me.I am seeing a therapist (another thread)
about the problem and hopefully it will get better.
I also have a DD who is 20 months so need to get orgainised asap.
I know in some european countries they don't send their children to pre school and some children don't go to school til they are 5.
I just feel he is missing out and feel so guilty about it.
Although the teacher at the pre school does'nt seem overally concerned as she says Ds is a great boy and she can tell i do so much with him at home at the moment.
I just worry he is missing out on socialling with other children,although i am told at 3 he has plenty of time for that and his DS keeps him on his toes.
I would be interested if anyone else has the same problem?

WigWamBam Wed 19-Jan-05 09:44:19

Can't really help, sorry - but just thought you might get a better response if you post this under either Health or Parenting.

Hope you find someone who can help.

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