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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

New mum in Southampton, anyone local??

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KatelynsMummy Mon 17-Jan-05 18:39:32

Hello all

Im Emma, Im 24 and hubby is 28. We have a 7 week old called Katelyn.

Im in Sholing, Southampton and was wondering whether there are any other local ladies out there.

Also does anyone know of any local (Sholing, Woolston, Bitterne etc) mums and babies groups. There seem to be loads of Mums and toddler, but not many for younger babies and I really like to get out of the house and meet people

Any help gratefully received

Emma and Katelyn
7 weeks

pinkmama Mon 17-Jan-05 19:11:15

Hello Katelyn, congratulations on your daughter. I am not from Southampton, but I am sure I have seen people who are. Someone should come along shortly. Hope you find some people!

pinkmama Mon 17-Jan-05 19:34:43

if this drops off the bottom of hte active topics it might be worth posting on it again just to bump it up for people coming on later!

puddytats Mon 17-Jan-05 20:47:29

There is a Southampton meetup thread going, if you look further down the meetup list. I am in Chichester but used to live in Southampton. Unfortunatly moved just after Ds was born so can't help with clubs etc but hopefully the other thread may help?

Tommy Mon 17-Jan-05 21:05:54

Yes! A few of us here but I haven't made a meet up yet. I'm in Shirley but go to a Mums and toddlers/baby group in Portswood. I have two boys - 16m and 3y so a bit older than yours. Have you asked your Health Visitor about the first time Mums' group? I still meet up with mine, 3 years on! Or, you could try the NCT - my sister in law is very involved in that -they seem to have lots of stuff going on!
Hope to chat again - maybe here or even in real life!

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