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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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karenanne Fri 14-Jan-05 19:38:54

hi all
started this new thread to see if it gets more

we're hoping to get together soon for a girlie night out somewhere with a view to another ,meet up at half term with kids.

january 29th was an idea but if youre interested please let us know ,ideas of where would be great and when you can make it.

then hopefully we'll be able to sort out something concrete.

karenanne Sat 15-Jan-05 12:25:31

anyone ?lol

nikcola Sat 15-Jan-05 17:21:32


nikcola Sat 15-Jan-05 17:23:41

where abouts in luton are you ka ? xxxxxxxxx

edam Sat 15-Jan-05 17:32:27

think i said yes to this on the other thread? Yes!

karenanne Sat 15-Jan-05 17:50:41

oohhh replies lol
nikcola im by the hospital,almost dunstable really lol.
any ideas as to when you can make it think 29th out now think suzys out the night before.and noticed on another thread its your birthday nik so im expecting you to be there to buy you a birthday drink and ideas of where.
been a long time since ive been out ive no idea of the best places to go lol

nikcola Sat 15-Jan-05 20:24:36

oh your near me im in dunstable by the council offices

nikcola Sat 15-Jan-05 20:25:11

dunstable is ok for pubs xxx

SuzySox Sun 16-Jan-05 18:41:34

Yep I'm still up for it. Defo can't do the weekend of 28/29th but any other time, I will make time!

karenanne Tue 18-Jan-05 14:57:03

havent been around past few days had the flu [sick] but nice to see we've had a few replies.
hows about the first weekend in feb ?dunstable sounds like a good idea if everyone can get there.

what shall we do about the others shall i cat them to see if they want to come?

edam Tue 18-Jan-05 14:58:58

Can't do first weekend Feb as is my and dh's birthdays... or the week after. apart from that I'm fine!

SuzySox Wed 19-Jan-05 09:31:27

We're not doing very well for weekends are we?? we could try for one night during the week and then maybe a weekend after that?!?!?

Week nights are easier for me at the momment

karenanne Thu 20-Jan-05 17:28:36

evenings are ok for me.

karenanne Fri 21-Jan-05 15:53:21

only eve i cant do is tuesdays

karenanne Tue 25-Jan-05 11:21:12

dont know if anyones still up for this .ive cat the others from the old list to see if theyre interested.the only ones i couldnt get hold of were sanchpanch and megan13.

would be nice to get this going other meet ups seem to have such fun.

SuzySox Tue 25-Jan-05 18:45:20

Not been around much lately.

I'm defo up for it, do you still have my email address?

Chocol8 Tue 25-Jan-05 19:00:24

Thanks for CAT-ting me Karenanne - I would love to come, though weekend is better for me unless it's a Thursday night (no work the next day).

I probably don't live far from you - quite near to the L&D. Dunstable would probably be a better place to drink - a bit safer than Luton I think. x

edam Thu 27-Jan-05 15:12:42

Hi Karenanne (and everyone else). Sorry I haven't replied to your CAT, been snowed under at work. Looks like 29th is off?

karenanne Thu 27-Jan-05 15:49:15

hi all suzy cant make the 29 th but if you all can post what dates you CANT make perhaps we'll be able to get something sorted ,also perhaps ideas for either weekend or weeknight and ideas for where.

i can do anytime but tuesdays and saturdays.dunstable seems to be best bet good pubs but not the trouble that luton has ,thats if people can get there

karenanne Wed 02-Feb-05 10:24:29


karenanne Tue 15-Feb-05 12:04:03


StealthMouse Tue 15-Feb-05 12:11:53

How about Thursday 24th?

karenanne Wed 16-Feb-05 08:57:16

good for me.

StealthMouse Wed 16-Feb-05 09:09:56

Right I shall sort out a babysitter.

ps. I am the poster formally known as SuzySox. In case I've not mentioned that already.

karenanne Wed 16-Feb-05 11:22:16

hi suzy lol nice name!

anyone else interested?

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